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Synonyms for juxtaposition

the act of positioning close together (or side by side)

a side-by-side position

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We thus gain another letter, r, represented by (, with the words 'the tree' in juxtaposition.
What Mr Saina was actually complaining about was the juxtaposition of the picture with the story about dating a dangerous criminal because that implied Mr Irungu is a dangerous criminal.
These algorithms are based upon juxtaposition ofreservoir against sealing litholgies, Deformation during displacement subsequent evolution and present stage ofstress in fault relative to leakage (Yeilding 2001).
It would be possible to say (and many have said it) that Mark Podwal is himself an unexpected juxtaposition. At his work table, he is an artist; in his office, he is a physician.
It's the continued 'juxtaposition of the Even with the set-pieces there's an inherently personal feeling to the show, owing to Davies' relaxed demeanour as much as his subject matter.
"Unlike most geometrically-based illusion, the juxtaposition technique utilizes three (3) complex photographic images, notes T.
It is a masterful touch and fulfills the Juxtaposition series' ideal of music and film showing us things neither could alone.
That juxtaposition indicates that the clay was laid down first, says Jack Mustard of Brown University in Providence, R.I.
But what makes 9 especially compelling is its juxtaposition of soft and loud.
Each story appears in context of its newspaper or magazine appearance, as seen by its first readers: having them all under one cover provides a unique world presentation and focus unavailable elsewhere and allows for juxtaposition of landmark presentations which set the standard for photographic and journalistic excellence.
Kyle's cynical, smart-alecky tone and humorous predicaments will draw readers in, along with the amusing juxtaposition of the perky title and the frowny face icon on the cover, but this funny tale by the author of The Hero of Ticonderoga, Saving the Planet & Stuff, and A Year with Butch and Spike also subtly conveys some good advice.
The show, entitled Juxtaposition, is the culmination of the group's work since they were formed seven months ago.
The "Drawing Room" is a juxtaposition of floating planes and continuous site lines that seemingly melt into the horizon.
This is the scenario posited by "Part Object Part Sculpture." In a tour de force of selection and juxtaposition, curator Helen Molesworth uses the work of twenty artists to put forward a tightly focused alternative to received histories of sculpture since the midcentury.