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place side by side

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These forward looking statements include statements regarding Sun's intentions to strengthen and accelerate efforts within its JXTA incubation research effort, JXTA's research efforts, expectations regarding the closing of the InfraSearch acquisition, the placement of InfraSearch within Sun's JXTA organization, and the proposed effect of the acquisition on the acceleration and fostering of Project Juxtapose into a meaningful community effort.
In his debut novel, Ordinary Wolves (Milkweed Editions, $22), Kantner chillingly juxtaposes the self-relying/live-by-the-rifle dogma of the Alaskan frontiersmen with the invasiveness of the "everything-wanter" persona of the modern world.
Shannon juxtaposes the deliberately cliche with the completely unexpected, and uses both freestyle and set choreography, which itself is a blend of dance, theater, and video projections, set to the live beat of DJ Excess.
A representative case: Duvall takes Song of Solomon's 1977 attack on black middleclass aping of white middle-class property values and juxtaposes it against a 1998 profile of the Nobel laureate's ownership of four homes.
Set in Dallas, Texas, the film juxtaposes an ordinary, middle class, church-going gay couple against a homophobic, reactionary young man and his co-horts.
Her work juxtaposes photos of life in her village with common sayings, such as, "If someone dreams they are tilling the soil, it is because someone will die.
Examining postcolonial dreams gone awry, Michele Magema's two-channel DVD installation Oye Oye, 2002, juxtaposes the artist's torso, marching in the Congolese uniform she wore as a child when her parents fled Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1983 as political refugees, with montaged footage of group dances performed during dictator Mobutu Sese Seko's "national authenticity" campaign.
Carpenter juxtaposes Saar's face as it changes over time with a parallel evolution of her art.
In the final chapter he juxtaposes Wright's Native Son and his close friend and fellow radical Nelson Algren's Somebody in Boots, two "antibuddy narratives" that offer a sympathetic but sharply critical portrayal of Communist interracial alliances.