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place side by side

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The faces behind"KM 102 Gentleman's Barber Lounge."From left to right: Christina Locsin, Justine Dacudao, Jane Oracion andDianne Gonzales "Juxtapose: Espasyo at Panahon" is being held in celebration of PSID's 51st founding anniversary.
The final step is taking the generated Juxtapose and embedding it in a story.
This is all about the power to re-career and change: chapters juxtapose myths and realities.
The opening pages of her text juxtapose the extreme right, revisionist views of this state legislator with the pride of a new American who has arrived at the Simon Wiesenthal Center to bear witness to her European roots.
Strange is masterful in her ability to capture and juxtapose the audible qualities of language alongside the literary tools of assonance and alliteration.
Unwilling to accept the total extinction of enlightened experience today, Lee recognizes that the only means to counter spectacular society is to use its strengths against it: to juxtapose karaoke with a critical context.
There is nothing superficial about her use of these idioms, nor does she juxtapose them ironically.
In some way this represented an attempt to draw in and juxtapose two essentially distinct types of audiences--art lovers and boxing fans--through their shared desire to experience this spectacle.
Don't miss the bizarre French New Wave-lampooning "Avant-Garde Trailer," which juxtaposes phrases like "C'est Audacieux" and "Des Temptations" over black-and-white clips.--L.F.