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Synonyms for juvenility

the time of life between childhood and maturity

Synonyms for juvenility

lacking and evidencing lack of experience of life

the freshness and vitality characteristic of a young person

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The consequences of the developments sketched out in the preceding sections of this paper indicate an increasing demand for a research agenda on risk mechanisms triggering the advancement of criminal behavior in early juvenility, the link between negative childhood events for differentiating offending models through late juvenility, and the function of detrimental childhood events in raising the possibility of both offending and oppression.
the juvenility of theater that are deemed negative--delight in sensation
For young women, they make no connection between garden-party dresses and the repressive gender roles and enforced juvenility that these frocks represent to older women.
Juvenility and maturity In: J.M Bonga and D.J Durzon (Eds) Cell and tissue culture in forestry, Lancaster pp 216-231.
Any suggestion of the latter emanating from the hand of the young composer due to his juvenility is easily assuaged when assessed alongside Alice C.
The threshold of light tolerance changes throughout the plant developmental stages, increasing from juvenility to maturity (Figure 1).
Bud break and sprouting of buds from nodal explant is strongly influenced by genotype, juvenility of explant tissues, and its physiological state, season of explant collection, and culture initiation [119-121].
However, it needs to be revisited and the age of juvenility should be differential.
This may be due to the juvenility factor of the plant or different type of auxins used.
So, as per the provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act, the bone ossification test needs to be conducted for a fair trial to prove his juvenility," said Singh.
Allsopp (1965) revised the following general traits that might be affected by the occurrence of heteroblasty in cormophytes: (1) changes in leaf morphology (size, shape), vegetative/reproductive phase), anatomy, juvenility, arrested organs, and differential growth; (2) changes in phyllotaxis; (3) changes in stem characteristics; (4) changes in the apical bud; (5) changes in growth habit and in physiological characteristics; and (6) reversion to juvenile forms in adult plants.
This motif thus references a key problem that prolonged juvenility poses to parents: protecting children from the dangers to which their incomplete cognitive and physical development make them highly vulnerable.
That was silliness and juvenility I really responded to - the ministry of silly walks and the pet shop was right up my street.