juvenile delinquent

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a young offender


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Indeed, status offenders are often subject to some of the same sanctions that juvenile delinquents receive: fines; probation; GPS monitoring; and, in some situations, incarceration, are all punishments that may follow disposition as a status offender.
Taking into account, family influences as risk factors in juvenile delinquency this study was conducted to juvenile delinquents who are either convicted or under trail (accepted their crimes).
Such partnership should emphasize paying a visit to a household with identified juvenile delinquent as part of its informational role.
When jeans started making a transition from working clothes to something darker--the preferred style of the dreaded "juvenile delinquent"--the industry got worried.
law, a juvenile offender or juvenile delinquent is someone under age 18 who commits an act that would qualify as a crime if committed by anyone 18 or older.
Fortunately it's not of the juvenile delinquent variety, but the name of his 47,000gns Tattersalls July purchase of the same moniker, who is now a half-sister to a pair of Group 1 winners.
Clearly, the public has embraced the myth of the dangerous juvenile superpredator and legal policies have been changed accordingly, further blurring the line between juvenile delinquent and adult offender.
Anthony Burgess's 1962 story about the rise and fall of juvenile delinquent Alex is ideal theatre fare, linguistically challenging and oddly Shakespearean in scope.
They had formed a gang every bit as tight as one of those juvenile delinquent gangs seen harassing people on city streets.
Headers are introduced to an eclectic collection of "unworthy" heroes such as a juvenile delinquent who reconciles with his father; an effeminate man who finds his macho side; and Elwyn, a churchboy who has an illicit romance with a woman 20 years older than him.
John Carmack was a juvenile delinquent, building bombs and breaking into computer labs at the age of 14.
Jack Semple, a young teenage juvenile delinquent, gets his last chance to stay out of a detention facility.
With flash points that read variously like graffiti, doodling, craft work, and child's play (albeit by an obsessive juvenile delinquent), Gallagher's "pages" are documents of transformation, twice over.
The Cognitive Dissonance Test (DISS) (Cassel, et.al., 2001a), and The Hall-Marks for Success in a Democracy Test (DEMO) (Cassel, 2001b) were administered to a number of Juvenile Delinquent Boys and Girls, but only the DEMO test was administered to the male prison inmates (Cassel, et.al., 2001c, 2001d, 2001e, 2001f, and 2001g).
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