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Synonyms for juvenile

Synonyms for juvenile

being in an early period of growth or development

of or characteristic of a child, especially in immaturity

a young person between birth and puberty

one who is not yet legally of age

Synonyms for juvenile

References in classic literature ?
The flashing flame gleamed from one sun- burnt countenance to another, exhibiting every variety of expression, from the juvenile simplicity of the children, mingled as it was with a shade of the wildness peculiar to their semi-barbarous lives, to the dull and immovable apathy that dwelt on the features of the squatter, when unexcited.
The juvenile offenders had not such pleasant faces by a great deal, and in this establishment there were many boys of colour.
The old face, calm and pleasant as ever; the complexion, quite juvenile in its bloom and clearness; the same smile; the wonted precision and elegance of dress; the white, well-ordered teeth; the delicate hands; the composed and quiet manner; everything as it used to be: no mark of age or passion, envy, hate, or discontent: all unruffled and serene, and quite delightful to behold.
Sparsit's juvenile career with every possible advantage, and showered waggon-loads of early roses all over that lady's path.
He was a snub-nosed, flat-browed, common-faced boy enough; and as dirty a juvenile as one would wish to see; but he had about him all the airs and manners of a man.
In the first place, here are my little girls; I had almost forgotten them,' said Minerva, carelessly pointing towards a couple of full-grown young ladies, of whom one might be about twenty, and the other a year or two older, and who were dressed in very juvenile costumes--whether to make them look young, or their mamma younger, Mr.
Pickwick, as the juveniles turned away, after being presented.
Bob's juvenile history, so far as it had come under Mr.
Apparently, the originators of the court and their successors in the juvenile court movement had differing views, for most juvenile courts had none of these provisions two decades later.
The bill would substantially revise the current Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) renaming it the Office of Juvenile Crime Control and Prevention.
In addition to the impact of treatment and placement, treatment outcome data indicate that recidivism rates are generally low (5 to 15 percent) in male juvenile sex offenders.
The objective is to identify the factors that influence the probability that juvenile offenders in Ohio will be processed in one of three possible dispositional alternatives or tracks: 1) Conventional juvenile; 2) Blended sentence (referred to as a Serious Youthful Offender or SYO); or 3) Transfer to the adult criminal justice system.
For the 10 years of 1998 through 2007, juvenile arrests for aggravated assault decreased more for males (22 percent) than for females (17 percent).
In Juvenile Justice in the Making, David Tanenhaus argues that, although the problems of the juvenile justice system may look entrenched now, the reforms at the turn of the last century resulted from a series of compromises between many organizations.