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Synonyms for juvenescence

the time of life between childhood and maturity

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the process of growing into a youth

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But much separated her from her contemporaries, including her personal eccentricities, reluctance to read modern writing, refusal to embrace fully the literati, and that insistent, discordant strain of juvenescence that was at once suggestive of joy and revelatory of sorrow.
Elsewhere, the juvenescence which spread through the one-day party will most likely make way for older heads.
LOCAL trainer Staff Ingham keeps his followers happy when his filly Juvenescence (G Ramshaw) bolts home at 33 to 1 in the Great Surrey Stakes.
Whoopi Goldberg, who teamed with Williams and Billy Crystal to present the Comic Relief fund-raising concerts -TV events for the homeless in the 1980s and '90s, finds Williams' retention of a certain juvenescence works onscreen and off.
Language also becomes a part of characterization which is relative to the juvenescence of young adults strung out in a world of pleasure, pain, conflicting values and beliefs.