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Synonyms for jutting

the act of projecting out from something

extending out above or beyond a surface or boundary

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Judge Michael Stuart-Moore told the jury not to be "coloured by passion or disgust you feel" and to decide if Jutting was "substantially impaired".
The murder trial heard she was so scared she did not try to escape when Jutting passed out or left the flat for drugs.
British banker Rurik Jutting calmly detailed to police his cocaine-fuelled descent into a torture and killing binge that ended in the deaths of two Indonesian women in his luxury Hong Kong apartment, according to videos shown in court on Wednesday.
Rurik George Caton Jutting was arrested after the bodies of the women - reportedly sex workers from south east Asia - were found at his flat in the Wan Chai district of the former British colony in the early hours of Saturday.
Tipping up and jutting out, receding and flattening, the nonrepresentational portions of the work refuse to let the picture parts rest easily.
I had noticed this piece of coastline jutting out from the metropolis before but had always assumed that, like the more exclusive portions of Malibu, it was inaccessible to hikers.
In contrast, nobody knows why the flexible, jutting spicules of these Antarctic sponges transmit light.
The opening "Dance Ibo," a tribute to the "fighting spirit" of an enslaved people, requires that the dancers perform as if chained together while demonstrating their resistance with jutting elbows and flexed hands.
In 2001, on reaching the eastern coast of Greenland where, according to his map, there should have been a glacier jutting out into the sea, Dupre was confronted with hard evidence of global warming: the glacier no longer existed.
The jury heard the confession on the day the first photo emerged showing the physical transformation Jutting has undergone since his arrest in 2014.
KILLER banker Rurik Jutting thought his life was so special millions of people would watch him on TV, a court heard yesterday.
Rurik Jutting, 31, has admitted killing the two women two years ago but has pleaded not guilty to murder on grounds of "diminished responsibility", while pleading guilty to the lesser crime of manslaughter.
Clunky yet stylish, it looks like a Serraesque cube, but a lighter, loftier one, with vents jutting out its sides.
The sparse stage included a thin circular ramp jutting out into the audience, placing the focus firmly on the music.
But while a human thumb is, in essence, a finger jutting out at an odd angle, evolution has jerry-rigged the panda's spur from bones unrelated to our thumbs.