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Synonyms for jutting

the act of projecting out from something

extending out above or beyond a surface or boundary

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It's a posture so common we almost don't notice it anymore: someone sitting at a computer jutting his or her head forward to look more closely at the screen.
The Cambridge-educated Jutting pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter in a case that gripped the Asian financial hub.
Cambridge University graduate Rurik Jutting tortured Sumarti Ningsih for three days -- filming parts of her ordeal on his phone -- before slashing her throat with a serrated knife and stuffing her body into a suitcase.
Depraved Rurik Jutting, 32, got life last year for murdering Indonesian sex workers Sumarti Ningsih, 23, and Seneng Mujiasih, 26.
Rurik Jutting questions "certain aspects of the deputy judge's directions to the jury", his lawyer said yesterday.
The nine-person jury returned unanimous verdicts against Rurik Jutting after a two-week trial in the High Court.
HOURS of footage Rurik Jutting recorded on his phone revealed his warped thoughts after his first murder - including that the main thing he felt was the desire to eat ice cream.
It is little surprise that British banker Rurik Jutting made Wan Chai, where anything goes and women are little more than objects, his regular haunt.
Cambridge University graduate Rurik Jutting, who worked at the Hong Kong office of Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, denies murdering Sumarti Ningsih, 23, and Seneng Mujiasih, 26, who were found dead in his apartment near the Asian financial centre's Wan Chai red light district.
Double murder suspect Rurik Jutting is so scared of being targeted in the jail he is currying favour with some of China's most notorious inmates.
Judge Bina Chainrai ruled that Rurik Jutting, who has undergone two weeks of examinations at the maximum-security Siu Lam psychiatric centre, should be tried for the murder of Seneng Mujiasih and Sumarti Ningsih.
BRITISH banker Rurik Jutting, right, is to undergo psychiatric tests to determine if he is fit to stand trial for the murders of two Indonesian women.
Hong Kong police have charged 29-year-old British banker Rurik George Caton Jutting with two counts of murder in the deaths of 29-year-old Seneng Mujiasih and 25-year-old Sumarti Ningsih.
Sumarti Ningsih, 23, was found dead in a suitcase at Cambridgeeducated Rurik George Caton Jutting's apartment in the city's Wan Chai district on Saturday.
Police have laid a "holding charge" against the 29-year-old - identified in reports as Cambridge-educated banker Rurik Jutting.