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Synonyms for justness

Synonyms for justness

conformity with some esthetic standard of correctness or propriety

the quality of being just or fair

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I was being treated with malice, but thanks to the fairness and justness of the legal system here, I was acquitted.
As approved, the purpose of the organic law is to 'establish a political entity, provide for its basic structure of government in recognition of the justness and legitimacy of the cause of the Bangsamoro people and the aspiration of Muslim Filipinos and all indigenous cultural communities in the autonomous region in Muslim Mindanao to secure their identity and posterity, allowing for the meaningful self-governance within the framework of the Constitution and the national sovereignty as well the territorial integrity of the Republic of the Philippines.'
In addition, the country's diplomacy was a success regionally and internationally -- giving the world a true image of the Qatari stand and explained the justness of the Qatari cause.
He also indicated that Kuwait's presence in the UN Security Council "can help demonstrate the justness of the Arab causes." R.A.H.
The report continued: "Since their condemnation, and more particularly, after they received the order for execution, their behaviour has been such as gave great satisfaction to the Divine who attended them; they fully acknowledged the justness of their sentence and blessed God that they were brought to a true sense of their awful situation, before they had grown old in sin."
"We have to take an active approach and work to persuade others through a conviction in the justness of our path," Amit Deri, chairman of Reservists at the Front, said.
Sobitha Therar approached every problem with a compass of justness. His solutions to problems of politics and economics had a foundation of justness.
The ruling party has completely got out of control and moved away from justness and truthfulness, just days before the elections.
Years of allegations in the vote that won it the 2022 cup mean Qatar has struggled to convince world opinion of the justness of its cause.
He also said the government "does not believe in the justness of the Greek demand and cannot disappoint its friend Merkel."
HM the King further pointed that although Morocco has neither oil nor gas, whereas Algeria has the 'greenback' which it believes can open the way for it to challenge legitimacy and what is right, Morocco has principles and the justness of its cause and, most of all, the love of Moroccans for their homeland and their attachment to it.
The fighter said the U.S.-led coalition assembled to fight the militant group was a sure sign of the justness of their cause.
Acknowledging monotheism and the oneness of God, the divine mission of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and the certainty of the resurrection day are the three main pillars of all Muslims, but Shiites believe that the Justness and Justice of God, and the divine mission of the 12 Imams after the Prophet are two more main pillars of Islam as declared by the Prophet himself.
They include exerting efforts to achieve the unity of the Arab and Muslim Ummah and at the very least agree together on the constants, the most important of which are the protection of the UmmahaACAOs Holy Sites and religious antiquities in Jerusalem; and continuing to defend the rights of the Palestinians and the justness of their cause; for under division and fragmentation, none of the UmmahaACAOs substantive goals can be achieved.