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Synonyms for justify

Synonyms for justify

to show to be just, right, or valid

to be a proper or sufficient occasion for

to support against arguments, attack, or criticism

to offer reasons for or a cause of

Synonyms for justify

show to be reasonable or provide adequate ground for


Related Words

show to be right by providing justification or proof

defend, explain, clear away, or make excuses for by reasoning

adjust the spaces between words

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"Justifying Revolution" invites readers to reconsider the war with an eye to the justice and legality of entering armed conflict; the choices made by officers and soldiers in combat; and attempts to arrive at defensible terms of peace.
We might concede that when states have good moral reason to act, but lack justifying reasons that determine their choice among the possible actions that are not prohibited by the correct normative political theory, they are, like the employer of an "at will" employee, free to choose among those alternatives for any non-prohibited reason or no reason at all.
Whether a ground is justifying, then, depends on what the choice value is.(16)
If you are serious about justifying the cost of usability engineering in your organization, read this book.
Professor Kent Greenawalt has provided, in Fletcher's terms, "the most sustained and sophisticated defense" of justifying the mistaken actor.(22) First, Greenawalt expresses skepticism that any bright-line distinction between justifications and excuses can be drawn.
Even the most ardent spiritualists must be responsive to the material world on its own, empirical terms, with the result that they develop two very different epistemic strategies for justifying their beliefs.
Given that justifying arguments are designed to provide a justification for doing something that is considered to be prima facie wrong, it makes sense to suppose that belief in the success of these arguments (on the part of both the user of violence and others) may contribute to the actual practice of violence.
Hence, all of my columns in 1989 will treat some aspect of justifying investments.
(52) Given this reduced expectation of privacy generally, courts have little problem justifying warrantless searches of probationers' and parolee' vehicles on less than probable cause under either the regulatory/administrative search theory or the Fourth Amendment balance of interest test.
Recently, one person in authority in a Catholic hospital has quoted Article 2297 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church as justifying sterilization for such conditions as heart disease and psycho-social reasons.
Those justifying the federal ban feared that if large amounts of fetal tissue were required for transplants, society may for the first time need and depend on the practice of elective abortion, rather than merely tolerate it.
What counts as a "responsibility" justifying state coercion will always simply be a matter of majoritarian practices.
The EIC causes taxpayers in the $11,250 to $21,250 income range to get increased EIC as they reduce their reported incomes, usually justifying the FSA.
Foundries handling higher-melting point alloys should also have less trouble justifying reclamation.
Second, regardless of the standard courts use to assess police response to emergencies, no warrantless, nonconsensual, emergency entry will be approved unless officers can cite specific facts, combined with their training and experience, that led them to reasonably conclude that an emergency existed justifying their entry.