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I sometimes write, "Voters must vote for what they justifiedly believe promotes the common good, or must otherwise abstain." I explain in the book, however, that when talking about good and bad voting, by "the common good" I mean the same thing as "the right ends of government." In earlier portions of the book, I argue against some civic republicans who hold a more substantive theory of the common good, and this seems to have tripped up Holcombe.
I argue that voters owe the government competent decision-making, and voters count as competent if they justifiedly believe something like: "This policy or candidate I vote for is the best way to promote the common good," or "This policy or candidate I vote for is the best way to promote the rights ends of government." I am defending a theory of voter competence, which doesn't require me also to give a theory of justice.
For Hume, any "assurance" grounded on testimony "is derived from no other principle than our observation of the veracity of human testimony, and of the usual conformity of facts to the reports of witnesses."(29) Leaving aside whether this claim implies that testimonially based beliefs must be inferential, is it true that for every proposition one justifiedly believes on the basis of testimony, one must have a justification from other sources?
On the assumption that what was testimonially learned and is memorially preserved can justify believing a proposition someone attests to, it may be that many people reach a point at which, for everything they justifiedly come to believe on the basis of testimony, they do have some degree of justification grounded independently of the testimony in question.
For The Living and the Dead he was a National Book Award finalist--and justifiedly so.
To reduce these acts to mere problems of political encoding would mean to embrace a form of postmodern jouissance that is clearly not appropriate here; together with theorists like Der Derian, Jameson, or Said, writers like DeLillo and, even more so, McElroy appear justifiedly uncomfortable with having inherited the semiotics of violence while in reality real violence is being inflicted on a grand scale.
that there is a dog before him if he also justifiedly believes that
Descartes is justifiedly emblematic of modernity just because he found new power in the modern retreat within.
For van Fraassen would think that even granting the comparability of theories for similitude we still can't justifiedly ascribe any interesting approximate truth to their U-statements; it is this reservation I wish to assuage.
Brennan maintains, "Voters should justifiedly believe that the policies or candidates they support would promote the common good." (7) This appears to mean that (1) voters gather enough knowledge to cast informed votes, and (2) they believe that the way they cast their votes furthers the common good, even though Brennan does not tell readers how to identify the common good.
Ankara protests, justifiedly, that to date, no other candidate's membership has been subject to a plebiscite and that Turkey must be given equal treatment.
However, I do not think this generic reminder rules out the possibility of believing justifiedly a good explanation.
MFR implies that if a person justifiedly believes that she is morally required to perform some act, then she has a reason for performing that action.
The overall argument depends on the claim that the process of justification is conceptually linked with the property of justification, so that S justifiedly believes that p just in case that belief is causally sustained by a process which conforms to epistemic principles constitutive of justificatory practice.
They owe it to the governed to provide what they justifiedly believe or ought to believe is the best governance, just as others with political power owe it to the governed to do the same.