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Sometimes it seems one is justified in choosing an alternative on the ground that it is good enough, even though there may be something better in the offing.
proposition E one must be (1) justified in believing E and (2) justified
In what he reasonably believes to be justified self-defense, Dan attacks Allan.
He said the crimes were committed during different times and in a different location and therefore, the sentence was justified.
Muslims in Indonesia (81 percent), Nigeria (78 percent) and Tunisia (77 percent) said suicide bombings or other acts of violence that target civilians were never justified.
Moscovici said that hedge funds played a vital role in the country's economy and, therefore, the move was justified.
Such intuitions must somehow stop the regress of a priori justifications, and the only way that they can do this is by providing a priori justification without requiring it themselves (i.e., without themselves being evaluable as justified or unjustified).
I feel totally justified in writing to you with my concerns and on behalf of the countless cancer patients doubly justified in expecting your support in helping in retracting any future decision that will affect the lives and future of these people.
It offers a characterization of moral epistemology (Chapter 1), and examines whether moral beliefs are truth-apt (Chapter 2), true (Chapter 3) and justified (Chapter 4).
Rather, the claim is one about justification: an area of law cannot be justified unless it provides reasons that epistemically warrant the conclusion that its adjudicatory outcomes are uniquely justified.
Pope John Paul II told a group of priests on March 1, 1997 that "Contraception is to be judged objectively so profoundly unlawful as never to be, for any reason, justified."
In addition the IRS's position must not be reasonably justified. Lopez was considered the prevailing party while Allemeier was not, even though he won his case.
Was the last doctor justified in leaving the patients, or should he or she have been obliged to single-handedly treat the highly and dangerously infectious Ebola patients?
British Airways[sup.1] CEO said that the carrier needs to be satisfied that the additional cost and complexity associated with a new fleet type is justified by increased capability and performance.
The application of this screen, however, is justified on more than merely gestural or superficial grounds.