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Hence justificatory contestation questions the validity of a norm as such (Deitelhoff and Zimmermann 2013, 6).
(54) Like the principles of hearsay, expert evidence principles are unspecific, they have strong justificatory content, and they are intended to be weighed and balanced against one another.
(11) And most philosophers are aware that justificatory argument about law must accurately account for its posited character.
Still, some visitors may leave "We hesitated" with a suspicion that there is as much "justificatory verbiage" here as conceptual substance.
In the fifth chapter, "Justificatory Liberalism: The Limits of Proceduralism," the authors elaborate on relationship between liberalism and pluralism.
The first chapter of this part outlines the purposes of what March calls the "justificatory comparative political theory," by which he means putting similar questions across philosophical and ethical traditions to examine the possibilities for a full justification of liberal citizenship within those traditions.
Likewise, the Prime Minister's accusation of inconsistency is eventually a response to the justificatory power of Mr.
The conceptualized contractual agreement between the people and the sovereign has been challenged as being ahistorical and adescriptive, as well as being justificatory for tyranny.
23-34) and Catherine Holst and Anders Molander's "Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Discourse: Examining a Justificatory Strategy" (pp.
But if memory is controlled or manufactured and updated every day, history degenerates into a justificatory and legitimizing design of power and control.
McCabe assumes that the liberal arguments he explores, and the two liberal commitments he focuses on ((i) all citizens are to have the broadest possible sphere of liberty within which to pursue whatever ends they choose so long as they do not harm others, and (ii) the state should take no steps to direct individuals towards particular goals or activities it regards as more valuable than any others), involve matters of great importance within a political community, so that if the justificatory requirement (JR) applies at all, it applies to them.
It is critical to keep in mind that without further discussion of the justificatory reasons that actors or groups of actors might have for these infringements, we cannot condemn their actions as impermissible.
The medieval context out of which the Lutheran church arose provided a strong claim to the justificatory transformation of creation that was due to the satisfaction of the Creator by means of the sacrificial death of the Son.
Thus, any justificatory discourse pretending to the role of metalanguage in relation to the performativity of institutive language faces a silence.
(9) The form and content of the judicial opinion demand explicit analysis not for formalistic reasons but precisely because from a social scientist's perspective the work must be done if the scientist is to investigate the role of opinion writing as a justificatory practice, or the antecedent question of which factors actually affect decisions.