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Synonyms for justificative

attempting to justify or defend in speech or writing

providing justification

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The same cases can then be analyzed using a different justificative framework.
(57) Memoire abrege ou Exposition justificative du cas de Jean-Baptiste Lebrun, de la paroisse de St.
La seconde s'interesse plutot a la facon dont la primaute du droit s'exprime a travers une forme d'interpretation justificative qui vise la coherence, la cohesion et l'egalite, soit un processus dynamique de justification raisonnee.
He therefore explicates Indian ethics as found in the primary texts, discussing justificative ethics, moral first principles, dharma and other purusarthas, the reality of morality, and the differences in moral philosophy between east and west, among other topics.
Elle ecrivit son histoire, et, pour pouvoir la laisser dans sa commode, elle donna a cette histoire la forme d'une lettre justificative ..." (DL 107).
Il y a chez le Compulsif une representation justificative qui s'apparente tres fortement a celle que produit le Parvenu.
Finally, a justificative posture emphasizes bolstering and transcendence (pp.
instead of musical virtuosity, as if a collection of mind- blowing licks and free-style mating displays - articulative of subterranean power drives, scammed as a quasi-religious exegetics justificative of personal and/or collective superiority or praiseworthy musical inevitability - what I wanted, or wanted to want [again, no goody two-shoes here], is a music-making of sensitivity and inquiry.
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