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with good reason

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Yet still she fought her way to Buck House to pick up an award of which she is justifiably proud.
"Dutch gays," he said, "have achieved just about everything legally that we set out to achieve." Can any gay American easily imagine a time when we might justifiably say such a thing about our own circumstances?
So, justifiably exhilarated by this benchmark birthday, the company held what amounted to a ten-day party based at Operan, Stockholm's Royal Opera House, surely one of the few opera houses in the entire world to boast of a major restaurant within its walls.
Analysts justifiably foresee a repeat of past scenarios, when supply and demand shifts, occupancies and rents decline and the market bottoms out.
The selectors have done a good job in blending youth with experience and justifiably have sensibly left out such stars as Bryan Redpath and Gary Armstrong who are in need of a rest.
Given that Sandler accepts the given, the book can justifiably be called a reflection of its time, but not a reflection on its time.
Chapter three's argument concerning Luca Cambiaso's Gloria cites Benito Arias Montano as a likely advisor and reliably orthodox source, in contrast to the "Hermetic and magical world of Llull and Herrera" from which the author wishes, justifiably, to distance the iconographic project (84-86).
"The accounting profession has been justifiably concerned about increased litigation and unlimited liability.
The temptation is especially strong at Chicago's Robert Taylor Homes, where residents are justifiably afraid to leave their apartments.
Many Americans, Catholics especially, are understandably and justifiably angry that abortions are killing a sickening number of unborn babies.
Ormskirk can be justifiably proud of their achievements across the board this season with five of their junior sides, ranging from U13-U16, qualifying for the Blacksticks Blue Junior Challenge semifinals due to take place on Sunday March 16
VAUXHALL Motors may have finished the season just six points above the Conference North relegation places, but Carl Ma-cauley's men can feel justifiably proud of an impressive away record.
The award is an extremely positive recognition for the firm of which we can be justifiably proud but at the same time makes it more important than ever for us to continue the good work and make it a rewarding and enjoyable place to work."
BRIAN ELLISON is justifiably proud of the impression his daughter Lorraine has been making in amateur rider events in recent months, and she was again seen to good effect when she rode Crunchy to a convincing victory in the first division of the mile-and-three-furlong handicap.
An insider at the channnel said: "The legal department are justifiably worried.