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the jurisdiction of a justiciar

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Although he lost that round of his battle, he was advised by Lord Carloway, in a judgement at the High Court of Justiciary, to pursue the matter through civil proceedings.
Desmond Curry, the Winslows' solicitor, reveals that the famous advocate has refused the Lord Chief Justiciary for the sake of the case, and the family's maid, Violet, reports that the pronouncement of Ronnie's innocence in court reduced him to tears.
But judges at the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh have told him he has been unsuccessful.
In 1672, Parliament established the High Court of Justiciary as the supreme court for criminal matters.
1475/99, High Court of Justiciary, [paragraph] 1 [hereinafter Lockerbie Trial Judgment].
(48.) Francis Jeffrey, Speech for the Defense, in THE TRIAL OF JAMES STUART, ESQ., YOUNGER of Dunearn, Before the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh, on Monday, June 10, 1822, at 147 (Edinburgh, George Ramsay & Co.
The plan has appealed for paying attention to the scientific research that is related the defence means, securing the defence space, asserting contribution of the defense ministry in the establishment of the reconciliations in the tribal confilicts with the coordination of the justiciary organs, referring to the existence of 55 training programs for the armed forces within his plans.
The Islamic Republic News Agency / IRNA / quoted the head of Iranian judiciary Sadeq Emily Larijani told reporters after a meeting with the Chief of the Supreme Justiciary and Head of the Iraqi Federal Court Medhat al-Mahmoud that these agreements , which passed the stages of ratification in both countries , are very good and important, and the opportunity is now available to be applied.
(29) Similarly, at a court to be held in the Borders in 1598, it was suspected that several offenders were "procuring themselves to be tryed and cleared before certain persons who have commissions of justiciary" there; to prevent such partisanship the council revoked all such commissions.
Flore is a ruiner of life who dreams of smiting it, yet by the final image is the "justiciary of desperate life," one who still might grant a reprieve, however unlikely.
(43) 90 per cent of employed suspects brought before the Justiciary Court for infanticide crimes committed in south-west Scotland between 1750 and 1815 were domestic servants.
Scotland (High Court of Justiciary) * Cases from 1997 to 2008 * http://www.bailii.org/scot/cases/ScotHC * Also searchable in LexisNexis 40.
The working group comprised of various stakeholders and actors form the juvenile justice system, including members from the Government, Police, Probation, prison, Justiciary and the civil society.