justice of the peace

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a public official who decides cases brought before a court of law in order to administer justice

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a local magistrate with limited powers

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Legal commentators, both in popular justice of the peace manuals and learned treatises, treated the Statute of Northampton as a foundational principle for enforcing the peace.
Trenton Garza for Potter County Justice of the Peace No.
Eventually in 1361 this post was decided to be introduced as Justice of the Peace during the rule of Edward III and has been consistently in use to date.
Justice of the peace Susan Brown set a trial date for November this year.
A justice of the peace could issue a warrant requiring sureties of
Bowlt is a historian of England's former Middlesex County and a retired justice of the peace for the Uxbridge Magistrates' Court-- the history of which she presents in this concise volume.
Cradley Library, in Colley Lane, was opened on March 26 1936, by Justice of the Peace SS Somers.
Justice of the peace Antonio Alonso, who failed to get the country's highest court to declare same-sex marriage unconstitutional, resigned December 26 to avoid having to perform marriages for gay couples.
Becoming a Justice of the Peace may be an important social function but it's not an honour in the manner of an OBE or an MBE.
On June 24, a justice of the peace signed a warrant for Hill's arrest.
A magistrate is also called a Justice of the Peace.
In addition to his work in the state's entertainment industry; Porter was a four-term Pulaski County justice of the peace.
We'll get the justice of the peace thing, but then we'd be honored to have you officiate in our living room, with a few friends.
Peoria Justice of the Peace Lex Anderson barred the student from having any contact with Moore.
Nevertheless, the recognizances show that the Societies for the Reformation of Manners did not completely ignore the transgressions of well-to-do men; a significant minority found themselves before a justice of the peace, after being taken up with a lewd woman.
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