justice of the peace

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a public official who decides cases brought before a court of law in order to administer justice

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a local magistrate with limited powers

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In most cases, the onus falls on the Crown to demonstrate to the justice of the peace why the accused should be released with a surety and/or conditions.
Joseph Keble, author of the influential 1689 Justice of the Peace Manual, reiterated this prohibition on "Dag[ge]s and Pistols," instructing peace officers to arrest any who traveled armed with these types of weapons.
Trenton Garza for Potter County Justice of the Peace No.
The case was called at the city's Justice of the Peace Court on Friday but Higdon did not attend.
justice of the peace precisely because he never had received a
Justice of the Peace Rodney Burr ordered her to take an online boater safety course and complete 25 hours of community service.
Texas authorities have arrested the wife of a disgraced local justice of the peace in connection to the slaying of a district attorney and his wife.
Anna Gibbon has been appointed Justice of the Peace to the Ontario Court of Justice by the Ministry of the Attorney General effective Feb.
inspector for the day was Brooke Taylor; the fire chief was Jessica Batson, the justice of the peace was Paige Fleetwood, the MP was Sierra Tiffany, the MPP was Meredith Potruff, the Paris Star Reporter was Jamin Short, the Outstanding Boy was Brandon Dillabough, and the Outstanding Girl was Mackenzie Coombe.
(Women who owned property in New Jersey, however, were allowed to vote from 1790 to 1807.) Esther Morris led the successful effort in Wyoming, and a year later became the first female justice of the peace. Some have suggested lawmakers from the "Equality State" merely wanted to attract more women to the Wild West.
"The ancient office of Justice of the Peace was created by statute in 1361 under King Edward III.
31 -- Justice of the Peace is the immediate person comes to mind in the event of the need of any document to be officially certified.
Bowlt is a historian of England's former Middlesex County and a retired justice of the peace for the Uxbridge Magistrates' Court-- the history of which she presents in this concise volume.
Cradley Library, in Colley Lane, was opened on March 26 1936, by Justice of the Peace SS Somers.
Justice of the peace Antonio Alonso, who failed to get the country's highest court to declare same-sex marriage unconstitutional, resigned December 26 to avoid having to perform marriages for gay couples.
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