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at the same time as


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The mystery itself--how death is transformed into life"--remains a mystery (Lock 34), just as Jes Grew and its text remain a mystery.
Fox explains further, "Legba, who reigns over the crossroads which is 'the meeting point of opposites,' is met there by his own opposite, Loko Carrefour, who represents youth, night, and the moon, just as Legba stands for age, day, and the sun." But while in the Western tradition, opposition mandates a choice which in effect ends the opposition--one side of any opposition must be suppressed so that the other, the "correct" side can rise to prominence--in the Voodoo tradition "opposition is associated with vitality.
One interesting failure of pictorial resemblance never considered by anti-experientialists is the fact that over a Movitype matrix nothing actually moves , just as nothing moves on a cinema or TV screen.
According to Thomas Nagel, the scientist is not doing all that he need do in giving us an objective neurophysiological account of the nature of the non-epistemic field.(24) But just as the scientist does not have to become a quark to explain it, neither does he have to become that neurone-pixel to explain its functioning.(25) Nagel talks as if the inability is a serious block to physicalism (Nagel, 440); it does not appear to be so.
Just as the staged play refuses to make full sense Hamlet himself refuses to make full sense, his exuberance at the performance's end being but a deceptive signifier of his authorial conclusions about the success of his staged text.