jus civile

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the legal code of ancient Rome

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The old jus civile, characterized by principles rooted deep in an agricultural society based on clan organization, had constituted a law for Roman citizens exclusively.
El Derecho de Gentes introdujo no solo la propiedad privada, sino la mayor parte de las sujeciones de un hombre a otro, especialmente el poder politico, que resultaba asi ser un hecho antinatural; mas tarde, el jus civile perfilo las instituciones aun groseras del Derecho de Gentes.
Like the original United States with its founding Constitution, Ancient Rome began as a league of city-states on the Italian peninsula, bound together by a set of laws known as the Twelve Tables or jus civile (civil law).
This body of law was to some extent based on the original jus civile of Rome but complicated by a lot of problematic decrees of emperors as well.