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done or made using whatever is available

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The 27-year-old jury-rigged a satellite Internet connection and established a makeshift studio in a Benghazi courthouse.
Looking for a digital tool that could streamline the process, all Whiting could come up with was a jury-rigged combo of Power Point and Excel.
After a trip to the store for pipe and elbows and sleeves ($57), we jury-rigged a temporary sump pump line, at one point splinting two sections of pipe together with a cross-country ski pole and duct tape.
Companies involved in bringing the plant under control describe, with previously undisclosed details, their work in a science-fiction landscape where jury-rigged robots survey forbidden zones and hazardous pools, and workers shrouded a blown-out reactor building with a covering that they maneuvered into place using electric fans and then fit together like Lego blocks.
McCloskey summarizes her account of the bourgeois virtues as a " jury-rigged combination of 'pagan' virtues appropriate to a free male citizen of Athens and the 'Christian' virtues appropriate to a belief in Our Lord and Savior"; and "jury-rigged or not," she adds, "these seven [virtues], I will argue, cover what we need to flourish as human beings" (p.
Some also assumed jury-rigged wiring was a valid workaround for that problem.
Bootstrapping is the process whereby an institutional blueprint is adapted, moulded, and jury-rigged through experimentation to fit a local context, and the bulk of the book is dedicated to exploring precisely how a set of local governments went about answering calls for greater citizen participation.
The range of phenomena physics has explained is more than impressive; it underlies the whole of modern civilization, Nevertheless, as a physicist travels along his (in this case) career, the hairline cracks in the edifice become more apparent, as do the dirt swept under the rug, the fudges and the wholesale swindles, with the disconcerting result that the totality occasionally appears more like Bruegel's Tower of Babel as dreamt by a modern slumlord, a ramshackle structure of compartmentalized models soldered together into a skewed heap of explanations as the whole jury-rigged monstrosity tumbles skyward.
In 2006 four crew on a 48-foot Contest, the YNot, sailed over 1400 nautical miles across the Atlantic by adjusting their sails after they lost the rudder and their jury-rigged steering systems failed.
In one instance, a paralyzed person in a wheelchair had been raised up on a jury-rigged forklift that failed when it was up in the air.
The aircraft dropped a live bomb within weeks to prove that the jury-rigged system would work.
fjords or Iceland's odor of herring and sulphur, jury-rigged dories
On describing her image of herself Perillo says "Now I am: bag lady on a cart jury-rigged with lights and crutches.
Sullivan jury-rigged a blower, some hoses and a mask, and cranked it up.