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a legal system for determining the facts at issue in a law suit

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Ako, matagal ko na ginagawa (Why did Diokno not think of the jury system? Why did it come from someone like me?
The third problem with our jury system, evident in the Stanley trial, concerns the behavior of the judge, and this was not addressed by the CBC panel or by any other commentary that I have come across.
'The second reason was that adopting the jury system will further elongate the administration of criminal justice,' Sagay said.
Louisiana had adopted a non-unanimous jury system decades earlier than Oregon as a means of ensuring that one or two black jurors would not impede the white majority's ability to arrive at its version of justice.
Yet, such informational precision presents real challenges to the existing jury system, offering promises of efficiency and accuracy at the expense of privacy and legitimacy.
But while many in the SNP were sympathetic to McMahon's draft Bill, they decided they couldn't support it because it also included a plan to change the rules around the jury system.
Jordan, citing the confidentiality of the grand jury system, would not say what those charges could be.
"It was a well-prosecuted case on both sides, and I certainly think in this instance that the jury system worked really well."
He said they could see how important the jury system was in such cases.
(3) What seems like a run-of-the-mill jury trial to those who take the jury system for granted, was momentous for Korea (4), as it was the very first jury trial in its history.
Talking to media after inspecting Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) Jury System in Gulberg Police Station, he said that an exemplary and modern police force would be established by providing them needed resources.
Greetings to the 95 percent of my sisters and brothers who will never try a criminal case, serve on a criminal jury, or even be a spectator this side of the local news .Batson has become a dagger stuck into the heart of the American jury system and impaled there by elites who believe the average citizen is far too stupid to put aside hatreds to fairly judge fellow human beings.
"This was an important case to bring in order to protect the integrity of the jury system.
Fueling the anger are deep-seated feelings in the African-American community that the grand jury system has been used consistently against them.