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a legal system for determining the facts at issue in a law suit

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ABOTA's mission is to protect and preserve the civil jury system, and to uphold the jury system by educating the American public about the history and value of the right to trial by jury.
He said cases such as fights, where injuries are not overly severe, and dishonesty, where the monetary value is small, should be removed from the jury system.
It would be the biggest change to the jury system for 800 years, but could save the taxpayer the millions of pounds it costs in having to restart trials all over again.
The jury system is the best and must be the only one used, regardless of the intelligence of the people selected.
early modern times, as a consequence of the jury system, in which panels
Singer, (Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College London), who is also a member of the State Bar of California, argues that the function of the costly jury system to safeguard against arbitrary state power and injustice is increasingly being obstructed by little-known judicial practices.
MODERN technology risks damaging the integrity of criminal trials and the jury system, the most senior judge in England and Wales warned today.
AS part of my MSc criminology and criminal justice with the University of Glamorgan (UoG), I am researching the jury system in England and Wales for my dissertation.
JURORS using the internet to do their own research during a trial seriously undermined the country's precious jury system.
1) Furthermore, civic reformers often have regarded the jury system as an important element of public policy-making, as in the case of citizens' juries--deliberative bodies of typically randomly selected citizens that are asked to consider testimony and evidence to arrive at recommendations on public policy questions.
THE jury system has generally served justice well in the UK.
I wonder if the jury system has not been deliberately designed to facilitate this behavior.
The Korean Ambassador suggested organizing training for judges and court staff members in order to explore and to adopt Korean experience in improving court system, including practices of justice administration under jury system.
The call came from the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland in an SNP government consultation on modernising the centuries-old jury system.