jury duty

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the civic duty to serve on a jury

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Jury Duty booked his Aintree ticket when shrugging off a 10lb penalty to win a decent event at Down Royal last month, easily accounting for stablemate and favourite Mala Beach as he relished every yard of the three-and-quarter-mile trip.
Gildea said that initial contact about jury duty will always be made by U.S.
Last time out, Jury Duty posted a fine effort in defeat to chase home stablemate Shattered Love in a Grade One at Leopardstown.
Bates had initially tweeted, "I am on jury duty with @taylorswift13" and said at first Swift's security personnel initially would not let her take a picture.
Employees in the public health service are entitled to be paid special leave for jury duty. The relevant Ministry of Health policy directive (PD2014_029 Leave Matters for the NSW Health Service) sets out the following procedure when employees are summonsed for jury duty.
The jury duty scam has been around since 2005 or earlier, but people continue to get calls.
Greg Abbott answered a jury duty summons on Monday afternoon, reporting to the Travis County criminal court building in downtown Austin.
For the past 45 years, Norman Goodman has been responsible for signing the piece of mail that every New Yorker dreads receiving: a summons for jury duty. But after Dec.
The scammers are calling local residents and asking for personal information and payment for overdue taxes, overdue utility bills or because they've supposedly missed jury duty, officials said Friday.
One of the telephone scams falsely says that the intended victim has failed to appear for jury duty in Florida and must pay money as a result.
Jury duty; reclaiming your political power and taking responsibility.
A 14-minute anesthetic that the state of California administers to anxious citizens to ease the pain of imminent empaneling, Ideals Made Real is filled with photogenic flags, close-ups of the Constitution, and candid disclosures from sedately enthusiastic jury duty survivors.
Jonathan Lovitz didn't plan on making a gay rights statement when he reported to jury duty in Manhattan in early March.
State laws govern your rights and obligations as an employer with respect to your employees' jury duty obligations.