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someone who serves (or waits to be called to serve) on a jury

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We want jurors to have positive experiences with the courts, said Paul Lombardi, jury supervisor for the U.
Prospective jurors used to have to come to the courthouse just to find out if their number would be drawn from the jury wheel, said Kristine Porter, jury administrator for the District of Utah.
Another innovation, the web-based eJuror system, allows prospective jurors to complete jury questionnaires online rather than filling out paper forms and mailing them to the court.
After the verdict, the juror also agreed with a Facebook follower, C.
had posted that the juror "researched the payouts of similar cases" and had "a psychology background and can tell when people are b.
BOSTON -- The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on Tuesday ordered trial courts to create lists of jurors that will be made available to the public "no later than the completion of the trial.
In his opinion Justice Robert Cordy cited the 18th century Boston Massacre trial, where he said the jurors who acquitted the British soldiers were known to the public.
Independent juror research has long been an issue in jury trials.
This Note argues that, to address the problem of independent juror research in the internet age, courts should adopt liberalized procedural and evidentiary rules that allow juries to take a more active role in judicial proceedings.
Other changes in the trial intersect with the potential for specialized juror expertise.
The statement -- signed by jurors B51, B76, E6 and E40 -- said that juror B37 did not speak for the panel as a whole when she appeared on Anderson Cooper's program, according to (http://www.
The opinions of Juror B37, expressed on the Anderson Cooper show were her own, and not in any way representative of the jurors listed below," said the statement.
It will be hard for the juror not to read such incoming material.
Improper juror communication and research are only part of the problem.