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of or relating to law or to legal rights and obligations


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Any person, whether natural or juristic, intending to carry out a touristic project or activity must submit an application in order to obtain approval or a licence from the Ministry of Tourism on the standard application form prepared for this purpose.
Financial and macroeconomic variables were employed for the construction of the indicator, consisting of exports, real GDP, the house price index, the consumer price index, total reserves, the real effective exchange rate, the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) index, the juristic act and the right registration fee for property, the lending rate and broad money.
The competing theories of language, whether natural or arbitrary, eventually gave rise to the predominant juristic view that speaking does not involve assigning meanings to words but rather using vocables that have already been assigned meanings beforehand (p.
He added: "This recommendation coincides with the kingdom's comprehensive renaissance in social, economic, political, scientific and juristic" fields.
NNA - Agriculture Minister Akram Shehayeb announced on Monday that a working team of the ministries of Public Health, Agriculture and Economy and a group of specialists and juristic will be formed to put a plan to treat the wheat issue.
His legal wisdom, juristic acumen and balanced judgments have not only restored social equilibrium and harmony but has been aptly applauded and acknowledged as historic judgments by all alike including intelligencia, civil society ad people of all shades of political spectrum.
from NIFIs to ensure that they comply with the provisions of Islamic commercial jurisprudence Provide written juristic opinion of Islamic jurisprudence in respect of new non-interest (Islamic) financial products and instruments developed by the CBN or referred to it by the CBN or other regulatory bodies in the Nigerian financial system
The distinction between divine law and the juristic interpretations that constitute Islamic law (fiqh) is not made clear.
Most of the authors are reformists who challenge centuries of Islamic patriarchal readings of texts, application in juristic developments, and implementation by cultures.
"To declare the implementation of the DAP unconstitutional without recognizing that its prior implementation constituted an operative fact that produced consequences in the real as well as juristic worlds of the government and the nation is to be impractical and unfair," the court said.
"We also aim to examine the Islamic juristic sciences and view their evolution through history," he said.
Ancient Rome authorized the existence of legal persons/entities called juristic persons.
- Offer open to individual investors, juristic persons and institutions within Oman, and to non-Omani investors outside of US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Republic of Ireland and Japan
A company is deemed, by the fact of its constitution, to be a juristic person.