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Synonyms for jurisprudence

the branch of philosophy concerned with the law and the principles that lead courts to make the decisions they do

the collection of rules imposed by authority


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jurisprudential community would be better served by general publication
It is not a little surprising, then, that in the twenty-first century a theorist of law of Tamanaha's sophistication should find it necessary to argue these observations shape the jurisprudential enterprise.
(15) Kozel's preferred mechanism for implementing his approach is to reform stare decisis doctrine by allowing justices to consider traditional factors that are relevant for assessing whether to follow or overrule a problematic decision that do not depend on their own fundamental jurisprudential or normative commitments, while generally excluding factors that are inseparable from each justice's individual commitments from the calculus.
Schauer concludes that it would be an "unwarranted empirical assumption" to regard--as he thinks his jurisprudential colleagues do--law abidingness to be the product of internalization.
"Based on a jurisprudential rule of the Guardians Council, buildings that are under private ownership are not governed by cultural heritage regulations, therefore, the Administrative Justice Court voted for its elimination from the list," Esmaili said.
Paul's, the good "rabbi" would share the insights of his brilliant jurisprudential mind with Jacobean England's intelligentsia; here, the Inner Temple legalist argued over bitters with the playwright Ben Jonson (who called his friend the "Monarch of Letters"), or heard from William Strachey about the dramatic crash of the Sea Adventurer off the coast of Bermuda.
The book undertakes an exhaustive review of the American case law over the past twenty years, and differs from A Tragic Fate in that it seeks to draw out a jurisprudential narrative of the cases rather than simply telling the story of those cases.
Benten pointed out that this complex will help the scholars of the nation to devise many jurisprudential rules that constitute a reference for the people in their transactions and behavior, as well as a scientific beacon in moral guidance through scientific and institutional works to glorify youths' imitating of their Prophet.
* SSB's rulings of standard products and the jurisprudential or other bases of such rulings must be made available for the customers and the general public by publishing it online and in the annual report.
Therefore, everything in a Muslim's life submits to and are gauged against these five jurisprudentially rulings, such that whatever comes to one 's mind always has a jurisprudential verdict in Islam.
The two-day conference will discuss a number of the most important jurisprudential and legal issues related to the governance with the participation of a group of prominent specialists in these topics.
In a wonderful and rare blend of theoretical sophistication, nuanced textual readings, and philological sensitivity, Simon-Shoshan creates a new lens through which to read the Mishnah, a lens which seeks to reveal the underlying jurisprudential presuppositions of the Mishnah via the analysis of its narrativity.
Yet we persist, failing to see the fly in our jurisprudential ointment.
On Friday, voters went to the polls to elect 88 jurisprudential experts out of more than 800 prospective candidates for the 5th Assembly of Experts.
The two-day conference acquires special significance as an activity of the Union of the Arab Constitutional Councils and Courts (UACCC), which tackles "deep constitutional and Jurisprudential topics," Al-Mutawa'a told KUNA.