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a public official who decides cases brought before a court of law in order to administer justice

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An astute and learned jurisprudent, Bix is not to be faulted for
Naoum asks the ayatollah about his opinions on a wide range of topics, including suicide bombings, the controversial issue of Wilayat al-Fakih (governance of the jurisprudent), something the allamah never entirely favored, and the kidnappings carried out by Hezbollah during the Lebanese Civil War.
1834), an authoritative Muslim scholar and jurisprudent, outlines in his critical appraisal of the principles of Islamic legal theory that Prophetic actions fall into seven different categories, not all of which can be used to issue absolute legal rulings binding upon all Muslims for all times.
This law also considers the concept of wilayat ul-faqih (the rule of the chosen jurisprudent) - applied in Iran - a sacrilege in Ja'fari Shi'ism.
And the troubled relationship between religion and politics since the first days of Islam rendered the establishment of an institution representing true religion a political necessity more than a jurisprudent one.
Hassan Rouhani, born on November 12, 1948, is an Iranian politician and Shiite Jurisprudent.
Addressing Wilayat Al Faqih, or rule by the jurisprudent, the theory upon which the Islamic Republic was constructed, he asserts that the system upholds both individual and communal rights, and provides scope for citizens to express their interests.
There, he was a peer of senior Iraqi Shiite clerics and, with them, advocated direct clerical rule or velayat-e-faqih (rule by a supreme Islamic jurisprudent).
CONTENTS I Introduction II Jurisdiction III A Meeting of Jurisdictions and of Laws IV Conduct of the Meeting Place V The Quality of Meeting VI The Meeting Places of the Jurisprudent VII Concluding Comments I INTRODUCTION
Current Supreme Leader Khamenei "had impeccable revolutionary and political credentials" but lacked sufficient credentials as a cleric and learned jurisprudent. Without religious authority, Khamenei turned to the Guards, relying "on their loyalty to maintain his grip on power." Ottolenghi notes that there is no evidence of a written agreement between the Guards and Khamenei whereby the Guards guaranteed Khamenei's rule for the latter's protection over the former's political and economic matters.
The jurisprudent was quite amazed that a dying man should show interest in such matters.
Yemeni jurisprudent, intellectual and parliamentarian 'Abd al-Majid al-Zindani is the sixth figure most prominently represented in the collection.
There is debate about the validity in Iraq of Iran's WuF concept, whereby a chosen Ja'fari jurisprudent can rule while al-Mahdi is in a state of occultation.
* SIR - I do not doubt Neil Jones' jurisprudent and botanical expertise (Letters, July 4) but the simple fact remains that ragwort is highly toxic to equines.
In this chapter, she omits an examination of the work of John Finnis and instead chooses to examine Lon Fuller as a paradigmatic natural law jurisprudent.