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Synonyms for juridic

of or relating to the law or jurisprudence


relating to the administration of justice or the function of a judge

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Special Contracts, Bucharest: Universul Juridic Publishing House.
Pieces of the text, in fact, should strike us as odd when understood in Juridic terms.
Beginning with slavery is crucial precisely because a most profitable effect of the tools of scientific reason, which produce the Category of Blackness, is precisely the occlusion of the relationship between the enslaved labor and the owners as a sort of juridic arrangement that does not belong in capitalist relations, which are mediated by contract (6)--and which it does capture through the juridic concept of property.
In the traditional parish model, responsibilities 1 through 4 are reserved for the juridic administrator (bishop or pastor) by the Code of Canon Law (Canon 532).
In the case of Morris this fraternal and pastoral process led to juridic consequences: the dismissal of a bishop and damage to his reputation.
Pero juntament amb el ius civile, el dret canonic es l'altre fonament de l'ordenament juridic medieval.
Just as our civil law recognizes corporations as having the legal status of personhood, canon law recognizes certain entities as having the particular legal status of juridic persons.
Many readers will be less interested in the juridic restrictions of the Eucharist as a sacrament of reconciliation than reflecting on the Eucharist as the ordinary sacrament of reconciliation.
Catholic Health East (CHE) is a multi-institutional Catholic health system, co-sponsored by eight religious congregations and Hope Ministries, a Public Juridic Person within Catholic Health East.
1994), "Regimul juridic al contractului cu speciala privire asupra jocurilor de intrajutorare," Dreptul 4: 21-29 and Revista Romana de Drept Privat 6/2011.
Questions about the juridic structuring of Catholic schools are receiving increased attention today due to issues of liability and property ownership that have arisen in connection with various kinds of litigation the Catholic Church has been involved in.
The juridic status of women in that era, noted historian James Cain, was "one of complete subjection to the dominion of man, having no authority of her own.
2010), "Contestajia in anulare in Noul cod de procedura civila," Curierul Juridic, 4: 219.
Universul Juridic, Bucuresti, 2010; For a detailed presentation of the acquisitive prescription see I.
bishops to implement the 1990 apostolic constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae by requiting juridic approval of faculty members teaching theology in colleges and universities.