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of or relating to law or to legal rights and obligations


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specified as a conclusive, three-term jural relation, identifying the
However, this absence of a meaningful gender distinction in the mechanisms for the descent of rights and interests to, and on, country has changed the nature of the key jural institutions in central Murray riverine society.
a concept with a jural meaning implicates the debate over the usefulness
Almost every Kelabit family includes an adopted family member or had one or more of its members given up for adoption where the adoption confers the same jural rights as legitimate consanguinity.
fellow-citizens; but their basic lack of jural duties to anyone
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To be sure, recognizing that the just price is equivalent to market price, "so long as the latter is formed within jural and ethical limits"--that is, so long as there is no fraud involved--does not imply any deviation from a long-standing tradition of market reasoning.
Beginning with Hohfeld's taxonomy of jural relations, however, our picture of property became more complex.
likened his jural relations to "lowest common denominators"
It is quite right to point out that constitutional "freedoms" may conceivably be read to involve a number of jural relations.
We know this because the jural correlative of a privilege is a no-right, whereas the jural correlative of a right is a duty.
If such matrifilial "pulls" were normally counterbalanced by the jural authority of the patrilineage, rare cases of women bearing the children of two lineage brothers had a subversive rechanneling effect, in that such offspring as a sibling group shared all of their mother's blood but only half of their father's blood in common.
From one perspective, their claims have failed to achieve the entitlement and recognition grounded in these governmental regimes in-so-far as recognition through jural means has been partial at best (Povinelli 2002; Scambary 2007).
Though power has been delegated to the principal employer to recover from the contractor by deductions when the contractor fails to pay wages or other entitlements to the workers (Section 21(4)) and jural power to enforcement agencies is implied, but a direct jural relationship (co-relative) between the contractor and the workers is missing, moreover like in section 20 there is a lack of joint entitlement between stakeholders like the principal employer and enforcement agencies, thus creating an unavoidable disability and consequential immunity to contractors.