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Synonyms for junky

someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction

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The Taboras have gone a long way since the days when Junky was bringing young Krizziah Lyn to the bowling centers, unconsciously exposing her to the sport whenever he unwinds in the bowling alleys of Ever Gotesco Commonwealth.
What Greenwald does know is that it "would be pretty cool" to hear Knightley herself sing the crazy, funky, junky hat song.
A couple of weeks ago I discovered in a flat in Crosby a pair of cat paintings on glass panels, which were in a pile of junky prints destined for the skip by the family who had inherited them.
He said that gastro related diseases were becoming common in the society due to unhygienic, junky and spicy food items.
"The course taught me classic catering skills and then I had the freedom to modernise the dishes through the different assignments, I'm a bit of a gastro junky and I love merging different cuisines to experiment."
I've always been a bit of an adrenaline junky and I loved every second."
Wirengjurit said that Indonesian markets which are tired of the junky Korean and Japanese goods are hungry for high-quality Iranian products and commodities.
Kevin McInerney, founder and CEO of Active Junky, created a method for saving money on more than 250 sport brands and retailers, from Nike to Cabela's.
If you've ever longed to see "The Dark Knight" reborn as a witless Taiwanese buddy-cop movie, then you may well be part of the desired audience for "Black & White: The Dawn of Justice." Although about a half-hour shorter than 2012's "Black & White Episode 1: The Dawn of Assault," this big, noisy, flashy, junky, altogether pitiful excuse for a blockbuster represents a much more bloated affair in terms of scale and expense, its frenetic mayhem and CGI explosions demonstrating only slightly more modulation than star Mark Chao's permanent humorless scowl.
Andre's most famous hit, Mysterious Girl, wouldn't see a UK release until May 1996 due to complications with his record label, but one of his songs, Funky Junky, had been regularly used on the popular soap, Neighbours, which was still on BBC1 back then.
For a whitetail junky, everything else is the under-card.
If you can handle the adult humor and the wicked satire, Bad Monkey is a must read tale for any detective junky or anyone who enjoys a great comedy.
The adrenaline junky is hoping to raise PS30,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust, which has two units in Newcastle.
Yes, I am a bit of a device junky, with a personal iPhone and iPad.
I like to warn parents about the perils of not only this holiday, but about also cheap, junky products in general.