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someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction

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It's a good job that me and the missus aren't expecting the patter of tiny feet any time soon - assuming I could run fast enough to catch her in the first place - because I hardly think the world, given the awful state it's in at the moment, is really fit to cope with a new generation of milk bottle-pale, near-sighted sickly kids raised on junk food and even junkier telly.
News flash: the spinoffs are usually junkier than the originals.
AN institution in NYC since the Sixties, selling designer and junkier stuff at up to 80 per cent off normal retail prices.
"The more dense seed will fall (sink) first because they hold the water most tenaciously." The junkier ones float.
This raises the odd conundrum of snack foods becoming healthier as well as "junkier." "Corn chips are now organic and stone ground, while candy continues to invade everything from our cereal to applesauce to waffles to yogurt to puddings," notes Jill Melton, R.D., consulting nutritionist for JGM LLC, Birmingham, Ala.