junk mail

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third-class mail consisting of advertising and often addressed to 'resident' or 'occupant'

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Robert Rijkhoff of Stop Junk Mail said: "It's clear Royal Mail is buying people's personal data from a secret list broker."
Perhaps election leaflets would not be considered junk mail in the regulations that the commissioner would draft by consensus.
The latest information gets saved and synced so Junk Mail's CRM data is always up-to-date.
Imagine the amount of junk mail, door hangers and coupons that don't need to be printed anymore with a HomeE in every household.
Excessive nuisance junk mail can also be particularly distressing for many older and vulnerable people.
We've all come back from a holiday to find our doormat covered in junk mail and the combined footprint of all this waste is devastating our finite natural resources.
"We need to avoid the irony that thousands of people who were ripped off by this policy in the first place don't get redress because of scepticism over junk mail.
Other junk mail came from a company called Lapiana welcoming you to the "circle of happy winners" and saying you'd win PS4,500 if you ordered its jewellery.
"It was of his view that it was junk mail that he was not delivering."
A NEW website is being launched to make it easier for householders to stop junk mail coming through their letter box, the Government announced yesterday.
But if, like Charles, you are swamped with junk mail, take my advice.
READER Lynne Schofield offers advice on how to fight back against unsolicited telemarketing calls and junk mail.
PerfSpot, Yovia, and the Privacy Council have created a new type of opt-in marketing registry that consumers can utilize to prevent paper junk mail, a nuisance that fills up mailboxes and kills an estimated one tree per household every year.
THE credit crunch has hit the junk mail industry with everyone from credit card firms to telecom giants sending out fewer items of unwanted post.
A POSTMAN who failed to deliver thousands of pieces of junk mail has been fined nearly pounds 600 and given a conditional discharge.