junk DNA

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stretches of DNA that do not code for genes

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Similar patterns of junk DNA in this gene are seen both in humans and bonobos - the chimpanzee subspecies known as the 'empathic ape'.
For many years, they were considered junk DNA of no real use, a side-effect of our evolutionary journey.
Non-coding DNA, or junk DNA as it is sometimes known, is the dark matter of the genome.
Furthermore, I believe that our proposed experiments to study retroelement biology in the AGS-context are likely to reveal truly exciting insights into the activity and control of junk DNA.
For a long time it was thought that this was simply junk DNA that was missing, and that the missing material must affect the function of a nearby gene on chromosome 4.
THE growth of certain cancers may be triggered by junk DNA, say scientists.
Wayt Gibbs (2003) discusses junk DNA, saying, "Though long ago written off as irrelevant because they yield no proteins, many of these sections have been preserved mostly intact through millions of years of evolution.
I think what's going to happen in the next few years is that people are going to realize that there lies buried in that junk DNA, a whole heap of control and feedback mechanisms that regulate the expression of the genes," Mr.
The non-coding genome, previously referred to as junk DNA, makes up most of the human genome, and unlike the coding genome, varies greatly between species.
I have been using the following analogy ever since the junk DNA term entered the public literature: DNA strands are much like computer programs, which at the machine language level typically consist of long strings of "bytes," each consisting of eight "bits.
Within this junk DNA there are so-called called pseudogenes.
For sure we know the importance of microRNAs, and now to have this mechanism by which microRNAs are regulated by what we thought was junk DNA is somewhat surprising and exciting," Furnari says.
Dennis Wagner, ARN Executive Director, noted that, "We have a whole generation of people who have been raised according to Darwinian fairytales, like 'human and chimpanzee genetics only differ by 1%' and 'the human body is full of leftover evolutionary vestiges like the appendix and junk DNA.
Washington, May 30 ( ANI ): At least one genetic malfunction in a sequence considered junk DNA has a dire and specific effect: promoting cancer growth, scientists at The University of Nottingham have found.
By comparison, humans are mostly junk DNA, with large parts of the human genome having no important function.