junk DNA

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stretches of DNA that do not code for genes

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Second, although current technology permits law enforcement to use an arrestee's "junk" DNA only for identification purposes, (231) law enforcement can use junk DNA to perform "partial match searches.
ROCK/POP Barfly, Kingsway, Cardiff Moments From Landing, Raphaelites, Junk DNA, 7.
Some stereotypes do turn up, like the zealous nun, Sister Chastity, the seductive astrobiologist, Oparna Goshmaulik, and the absent- minded Acharya -- he forgets his wife in the car and advances hypotheses on junk DNA as post- coital chatter with his mistress, Oparna.
Flash forward to a man floundering on stage going 'I thought there was more in this junk DNA routine.
Much of our junk DNA consists of repetitive sequences and bits of viruses, legacies of infections that our ancestors survived.
To his geneticist detractors who remind us that the human genome probably contains as few as 25,000 genes, Pinker identifies a wealth of information contained in so-called junk DNA, the non-coding portions of the genome, "whose size, spacing, and composition could have large effects on how genes are expressed.
It is this junk DNA that is often used in genetic "finger printing" to identify people from their DNA.
A study of rodents showed that longer versions of a particular junk DNA sequence were associated with greater pair-bonding and care of offspring.
The DNA of the human genome that encodes no proteins has been referred to as junk DNA (Ono, 1972).
The arrow may land in the middle of nowhere, it may land in the middle of a functioning gene, it may interrupt a particular gene's functioning, it may interact with the regulatory network of what these guys call junk DNA - what we don't know, we call junk.
The remainder is so-called junk DNA that may someday be shown to have biologic merit, but that for now is largely seen as filler that remains in the genome for unknown reasons.
My use of the term 'junk' is intended to conjure in the reader thoughts of junk DNA.
Not knowing the importance of the junk DNA regions made early proponents of the project push for sequencing the entire genome from A to Z.
Non-coding DNA, or junk DNA as it is sometimes known, is the dark matter of the genome.
10 ("The government has stated repeatedly that it uses only junk DNA in creating individual DNA profiles.