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Synonyms for junk

Synonyms for junk

to let go or get rid of as being useless or defective, for example

Synonyms for junk

the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up

any of various Chinese boats with a high poop and lugsails

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Four more were added to our passenger list from the third junk.
To make matters serious, during all the excitement of boarding the junks the Reindeer had not been bailed, and the water was beginning to slush over the cockpit floor.
A client recently asked me, "How often can I get away with eating junk food?
com)-- Popular junk hauling franchise, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?
Should junk food and fizzy drinks be taxed heavily in Oman?
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 28, 2017-1-800-Got-Junk Acquires San Francisco-Area Junk Removal Specialist Delete
You can go for junk removal service as this is the best way to get rid of all the unwanted specks and pieces that is usually seen lying around your home or office.
CHANGE IN lifestyle, consumption of junk food and lack of physical exercise are some factors which make schoolchildren susceptible to liver problems, a survey conducted by a private hospital in Noida revealed.
HYDERABAD -- Junk food and soft drinks cause 70 percent dental problems among the kids.
Eat healthy and live healthy', one of the essential requirement for long life is now being overlooked as today we have adopted to a system of consumption of food which has many side effects--like Junk food, the profound rise in the incidence of diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease in the developing countries can be attributed to consumption often unhealthy food.
THIS is with reference to the article o[umlaut]Facebook pushing kids to junk food' published in the Chill Out section of your newspaper on November 25.
Have your say on cutting junk mail THE average Welsh household receives 453 pieces of unwanted mail annually, a third of which is discarded unopened.
ALEVY charged against those who send junk mail to people's homes could be introduced to tackle the scourge of hundreds of unwanted letters received by homes every year - under proposals unveiled for consultation by the Welsh Conservatives today.
Australian scientists are working on a project to "zap" junk in space, using lasers from Earth to reduce the amount of garbage threatening to collide with space satellites.
Junk food is everywhere--even in the doctor's office