jungle gym

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a structure of vertical and horizontal rods where children can climb and play

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Walking the Wild Side with the Jungle Gym Line's Ride & Learn Giraffe Bike Ages 18 to 36 months - ERP: $49.
Whether they are pedaling their way to success on the Ride & Learn Giraffe Bike or rocking into discovery with the Bouncing Colors Turtle(TM), children 18 months and up will love exploring the Jungle Gym line's world of education.
It's a nice, medium-sized jungle gym with a slide, monkey bars and a catwalk.
Items included: suntan lotion, an iPod, Starbucks coffee, a bucket of KFC chicken, bowling shoes, a baseball, a dust mask and photos of a diving board and jungle gym, all of which have recently been the subject of frivolous and outright wacky lawsuits filed by get-rich-quick personal injury lawyers.
On Build Day, Stride Rite will donate over 250 pairs of shoes from the Jungle Gym Collection to the DVS, one for each student, so that they can enjoy their new jungle gym in shoes designed especially for playground fun.
The Planet Kids area has a play room, ball jump and jungle gym.
This is exemplified as he flips off a tree, a park bench and a jungle gym, and leap frogs over a female runner in a3 Cushions wearing a Finish Line t-shirt.
I enjoy the physical aspects of it,'' said Soule, who lent his sawing and hammering skills to a project to build a playhouse and a jungle gym for the crisis center.
When vandals damaged the jungle gym at Lincoln Park in May, they also destroyed the opportunity for local youngsters to slide, climb and jump on the other playground equipment.
The 4,000-square-foot Kids' Fun Zone offers a video arcade, a play area, movie theater and a jungle gym.
Credit where credit is due - the kids jungle gym looks great.
The Rage Cage is essentially a big jungle gym for adults
Outside, residents are privy to a quarter-mile jogging track and outdoor jungle gym.
A NURSING career is Like climbing a jungle gym, not a ladder, according to the director of the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (MCDEM) Sarah Stuart-Black.
Clip 'n' Climb, Portrack Lane, |Stockton: Test your resolve and determination here across 24 separate challenges - climb commando style on the Jungle Gym, reach new heights on the Skyscraper or take the Speed Climbing challenge to light up the board on the Checkerplate.