jungle gym

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a structure of vertical and horizontal rods where children can climb and play

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Face 2 Face Race - a perspex climb enabling people to see their opponent as they race opposite each other Jungle Gym - ropes that offer a really good workout Skyscraper - where people climb up a wall that looks like, well, a skyscraper
Facilities for families include a ten-pin bowling alley, a soft play jungle gym, a luxury gold-class cinema to the surf pool (first and only in Qatar with a professional surf instructor from the Maldives), and a nine-hole golf putting course.
As Sheyle Sandberg says, it's better to think in terms of a career jungle gym than a career ladder because the route isn't straightforward or always upward.
Exchange that jungle gym in the back yard for tennis balls and tug toys and say goodbye to empty nest syndrome today.
Opened in 2009 as an alternative to the town's long-empty outdoor parks and playgrounds, it has hosted some 250,000 children with its basketball courts, jungle gym, video games, and even a therapy room.
Gymnastics, Crafty Critters, jungle gym, games club, netball, gardening, Lego club, football.
Not every woman wants to play on the jungle gym of corporate advancements, so let's not swing the pendulum too far the other way, creating an undesirable pressure cooker.
AsImpactProximity'sNohaWagihsaysonpage24, if you want to reach the top "your goal is to climb through the career jungle gym and achieve great Participation branding success".
She and Cyrus counted the rungs on the jungle gym at his playground to make sure he knew each piece of equipment so he could play like the other members of his class.
Scoring goals on top of a pyramid jungle gym presents another challenge as the angle of the shooter plays an important role as their robot climbs the pyramid.
So, I took my kind of jungle gym thing and pulled it over to the gutter and tore the sheets off my bed and tied a rope.
Ten-year-old Robert Jackson went so far as to include measurements in his drawing of a jungle gym.
Family music celebrity Justin Roberts presents Jungle Gym, a wonderful collection of twelve original songs on CD sure to appeal to young people in everything from school classrooms to car trips.
THE Human Jungle Gym is set to perform in Bahrain this month as part of Spring of Culture Festival.
The ruined stadium seems to have spurred his imagination; he shows the numerous ingenious ways the inhabitants make use of the space, from the seating section that serves as a make-shift school to the burned-out remains of equipment the children use as a jungle gym.