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severe form of malaria occurring in tropical regions

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Lee, the man behind the movies Jungle Fever and Malcolm X, explained his decision to bring Tyson's story to New York.
He played the lead in director Spike Lee's interracial drama Jungle Fever in 1991 and also played the jazz saxophonist in Lee's Mo' Better Blues in 1990.
Despite being passed over when awards season rolled around, Do the Right Thing's commercial success--it banked $26 million, four times what it cost to make--caused the major studios to sit up and take notice of its outspoken director, who was subsequently able to produce provocative films like Jungle Fever and Malcolm X on Hollywood's dime.
Every one of Spike Lee's films has tackled a tough subject and caused a stir: from the frank female sexuality of She's Gotta Have It to the New York race riots of Do the Right Thing; the jazz scene in Mo' Better Blues; interracial sex in Jungle Fever, revolutionary pan-Africanism in Malcolm X; the 'war on drugs' in Clockers; Louis Farrakhan's 'Million Man March' in Get on the Bus; black poverty and pro basketball in He Got Gam.
The book also gives readers a rare glimpse into the life of Lee, who helped shape the cinematic landscape of late-20th-century America, with edgy films like Do the Right Thing, Jungle Fever, Malcolm X and She's Gotta Have It.
Later appearances were in Jungle Fever (1991), Gladiator (1992), Grumpy Old Men (1993), Twelve Angry Men (1997) and Miss Evers' Boys (1997).
From a slew of references to Knicks great Bernard King in She's Gotta Have It to the Mets telecast that accompanies our first look at Angela Tucci's brothers in Jungle Fever, allusions to professional sports--and specifically to New York sports--form a consistent pattern in Lee's early films.
JUNGLE fever has been gripping the Midlands with viewers hooked on the latest series of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.
RAZOR RUDDOCK was on antibiotics last night as jungle fever started taking its toll on the celebs.
DENVER Catch jungle fever Pining for the tropics but can't afford the airfare?
Interracial love scenes were removed from Devil in a Blue Dress, The Mighty Quinn, and The Pelican Brief Washington refused the lead role in Spike Lee's Jungle Fever, which instead was leapt upon by Wesley Snipes, who has publicly celebrated the fact that he does not date black women.
After explaining that "jungle fever," the title of a Spike Lee movie, is used popularly and deprecatingly among blacks to mean interracial sex among whites and blacks, Little says that he wishes to use jungle fever "to point less to an interracial dynamic per se than to the cultural and multicultural anxieties giving rise to these scenes as sites and sights through which England as a nation and empire chooses to name and visualize itself" (15).
Indeed, the combination of works under review suggests the analogy drawn from feminist studies of "first-wave," "second-wave," and "third-wave," with the collection Shakespeare and Race documenting the foundational archival and historiographical efforts of the mid- to late-twentieth century, "The Tempest" and Its Travels signaling the newer historical emphasis on the resonance between colonial and postcolonial concerns, and Shakespeare Jungle Fever inaugurating a new cultural philology at the intersection of race, gender, and queer studies.
Broadly contextualizing African-American and gay culture of the '90s, Miles concludes that neither Jungle Fever nor Paris Is Burning represents the perspectives of the minority community with which the directors identify.
These are well-developed, lively analyses, in which Malcolm X emerges as a lapse into Negritude's "nostalgic, sociopsychical terrain, inhibited by racially fixed black and white male anatomies" (41), while Jungle Fever occupies a postNegritude space by virtue of its doubling (and thereby complicating) of the interracial love plots in the film.