jumping-off point

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a beginning from which an enterprise is launched

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In this latest, Style Me Vintage: Clothes, Naomi Thompson provides a brilliant jumping-off point for those whose attempts at second-hand shopping tend to end in disaster.
If you want to expand in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Turkey would be your best partner, and the best jumping-off point for your business," Caglayan said.
Our new facility in Nashua is an ideal fit and positions us just minutes outside of Boston, allows us to develop additional business in New Hampshire and is an ideal jumping-off point for markets that we already serve in other parts of the New England area.
Many schools use it as a jumping-off point for daylong programs that teach tolerance and respect.
This exhibition uses the journal as a jumping-off point to explore the originality and exaggerated idiosyncrasy of '90s aesthetics.
THE occasion that gives this tour its title is the 150th anniversary of Darwin's Origin of Species, which wouldn't be an obvious jumping-off point for most dance companies.
The International Astronomical Union's decision to downgrade Pluto's status from a planet is the book's jumping-off point, from which Boyle backtracks to relate the history of Pluto's discovery and naming, the discovery of its moon, its scientific features, and all the developments of its scientific study, including developments in the technology of telescopes and space missions.
It's an ideal jumping-off point from which to explore Barcelona.
It is an important jumping-off point for trekkers and mountaineers heading to Everest.
But where should you stay as a jumping-off point for exciting and revelatory trips out into this jostling metropolis?
It's probably the campiest and most accessible of Almodovar's films, making it a great jumping-off point for viewers curious about the writer-director.
A house's roof served as a jumping-off point (literally).
The lessons for this day reflect those themes and serve as the jumping-off point for the third and final part of the Advent/Christmas/Epiphany cycle.
Spitzer's energetic impatience with the status quo has succeeded brilliantly for him in political terms, which is why he has an overwhelming lead in every poll to be the next governor of New York, a traditional jumping-off point for higher office, including bids for the presidency.
Starting a pilot program based on the COSO framework is a good jumping-off point for ideas on how to adapt it.