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the act of participating in an athletic competition in which you must jump

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The triple jump is one of the jumping events in track and fields, and requires high levels of physical preparation and technical ability.
With a jump height of 400 metres, Dream Jump Dubai will break all barriers of rope jumping and enable people to experience base jumps against one of the most iconic skylines in the world," he added.
gt; Unlike bungee jumping which involves jumpers bouncing up and down, the dream jump provides jumpers with a longer free-fall and with a landing similar to that of a base jump without 
a parachute.
Goldman quickly realized he'd need to know more about the physics of jumping to separate the surface issues from the factors controlled by the dynamics of jumping.
The next was jumping five lorries with a friend on the back of his bike, a total distance of 96 feet.
Riding is exciting, but jumping on horseback is absolutely thrilling.
Jumping is one of her favorite things, so taking class with the guys was a treat.
Traditional ballistic training incorporates faster, lighter-weight versions of exercises such as squats and bench press and applies plyometric routines that involve jumping and working out with weighted objects.
Double Dutch rhymes, which are recited aloud to maintain the jumping cadence, appear in sidebars throughout the book.
The structure consists of three elements: a slender access tower clad in thin timber slats, a vertiginous glazed warm-up pod, and the ski jump ramp itself, its geometry dictated by the sport's regulations concerning safe jumping trajectories and distances.
People have been jumping rope for hundreds of years.
But it is very doubtful if the old fixture would have beaten six others - all jumping - for off-course punter interest, allowing that TV involvement spread no farther than the betting shop and the Racing Channel.
Not all jumping exercises are plyometric, but the term has been absorbed into training terminology to apply loosely to all jump training and other exercises that use quick movements with resistance (such as medicine ball work).
Kelvin Christopher James's first collection of short fiction, Jumping Ship and Other Stories, is a powerful, unsettling, and dramatic work which signals the arrival of a new figure among an important group of literary artists whose writings span the Caribbean and the United States.
Using parachute jumping as a model of stress, the researchers measured the concentrations of NGF and NGF receptors in 20- to 24-year-old Italian soldiers.