jump rope

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Synonyms for jump rope

a length of rope (usually with handles on each end) that is swung around while someone jumps over it

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a child's game or a cardiopulmonary exercise in which the player jumps over a swinging rope

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The school has held Jump Rope for Heart since 2000.
I could barely sit in a class," exclaimed Harsh Rana, who is now a national level gold winner in jump rope championship.
Children allocated in the EG, received a jump rope training program at the beginning of the soccer training session for a period of 15 min, two days a week.
The BHF is urging schools, youth groups and nurseries to get hearthealthy by signing up and taking part in one of its popular physical activity initiatives: Jump Rope For Heart and Ultimate Dodgeball.
Workouts will correspond to Crossrope equipment, but can be used with any other jump rope.
The equipment consisted of a badminton set, a cricket set, footballs and jump ropes.
Q I used to jump rope a lot for exercise, but I haven't for awhile.
1 The effort it takes to jump rope for 10 minutes is the equivalent of running a mile in eight minutes.
The First Lady surprised the young members of the Cary YMCA SuperSkippers jump rope team during a segment on "Live with Kelly
based Del Monte Fresh Fit gift bags full of fresh fruit, a jump rope, stickers, a sports bottle, a fruit and vegetable activity book and other items.
One of my favorite activities to do at home is jump rope.
Summary: Low tech, inexpensive and versatile, the jump rope has long been a staple of boxers training for bouts and children chanting in schoolyards.
Anyone who is willing to set aside the time to variously lift weights, do situps and pullups, and jump rope will tone their body.
To vary your jump rope workouts, try the jogging gate (pushing off with one foot only, alternating with each step) and the high-step variation of the jogging gate.