jump off

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Synonyms for jump off

set off quickly, usually with success

jump down from an elevated point


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Jess Slater of Jump Off TV, UK: +44-20-7253-7766, US: +1-212-203-1200, jess@jumpoff.
We met in 1993 when his best friend died performing such a jump off a hotel in London.
Eight years ago, Tyler Johnson's friends told him to jump off a bridge, and he did it.
The inquest in Cambridge heard evidence from a doctor who told how Lady Baker had asked: "If we could direct her to a tall building so she could jump off.
That was good enough to earn Bjorkman one final spot and the second came in the Dynamic qualifier aboard another mare Ping Pong on whom she made the 15 strong jump off, and though she finished off the pace, her efforts still ensured progress.
THRILL-SEEKERS are logging on to a crazy website which encourages them to jump off bridges.
The 40-year-old presenter reveals: "The celebs might be horrid in real life, but because they are vulnerable and are about to jump off the 10m board they kind of need you to be with them.
The final class of the day was a mixed event with fences raised to 100cms for the initial phase and raised up to 110cms for the jump off phase.
We've addressed the issue as best we can, so hopefully he'll jump off.
Yes they climb on to my head then jump off to a platform, one once jumped off in to a wall, but being a ferret she just got up and bounced about.
Opening the inquest, Mr Balmain said: "He was seen to jump off the platform and stand in front of a train.
Ara Stevens of Jump Off TV, +44-20-7253-7766, or +1-212-203-1200, or ara@jumpoff.
In an unrelated story, Danny Way is set to jump off the giant guitar in front of the Hard Rock Casino into a 30-foot quarterpipe.
Reid, whose injury has forced her jump off of her right foot this season as opposed to her more natural left, set her personal record in the event as a sophomore with a jump of 19-4.
Lady Fiona Baker, 57, threw herself off the roof of a building at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, in April, 90 minutes after asking a doctor for directions to a tall building she could jump off.