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(basketball) the way play begins or resumes when possession is disputed

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In my first high-school game, with just 31 seconds left to go, I got a jump ball and went for the basket.
Jump Ball (Lodestar/Dutton, 1997) is subtitled "A Basketball Season in Poems," and the reader is able to follow the Tower High Tigers from their pre-season tryouts all the way to their state playoffs.
By having the divorce mechanism, if, in fact, the intellectual property does get nebulous in the middle and something belongs to the joint venture, you've got a jump ball on who's going to bid for that.
Tadamon was in control of the tempo of the game since the jump ball with Vladan Vukosavljevic and Joey Accaoui dominating on both ends of the court.
The Panthers got 41 yards on carries by Conner before Voytik connected with Boyd on a 15-yard jump ball in the end zone to give the Panthers a 10-7 lead.
5 seconds left before UCLA's Jordan Adams ran in to force a jump ball that went to the Bruins.
In Louisville's win over Wichita State on Saturday, fans were upset about a questionable jump ball call that sealed the win for the Cardinals.
LIONS won the jump ball via Andrew Marshall who found James Burton for the first two points.
Members seeking to qualify for the opportunity to purchase equity in this third jump ball programme will be assessed by their overall trading participation (by value traded) from 1 June 2009 - 30 October 2009, subject to certain terms and conditions.
Once he slipped, it was a jump ball and Terrence Ross is probably the last guy you want to throw a jump ball to.
The Beer Mug Salute gets the party started as it coincides with the first kickoff, puck drop, and jump ball on the big screen TV that day.
On defense, cornerback Dior Mathis' leaping interception of a jump ball was one of the day's highlights, players said.
The game tipped off with Anthony Robinson winning the jump ball over the veteran Darren Butler.