jumbo jet

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a very large jet plane

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In June, Randy Tinseth, Boeing Vice President of Marketing said the company was expecting to manufacture the jumbo jets for VIPs and for military operations but they did not see any demand for passenger aircrafts.
Airbus is more upbeat than Boeing about the prospects for jumbo jets but both now agree it has become a niche category.
A dramatic photograph showed the jumbo jet landing at Gatwick with the right-side wing landing gear not deployed.
This dramatic photograph shows the Virgin jumbo jet landing at Gatwick with the right-side wing landing gear not deployed <B
CSDS says Qantas did not do its homework on the buyers of its jumbo jets.
A QANTAS captain stunned his 248 passengers yesterday by announcing their jumbo jet was "flying blind" after its radar system failed.
Eventually, a military-use jumbo jet would likely follow.
THE most shocking acts of terrorism ever witnessed in Britain happened on December 21, 1988, when a bomb exploded aboard a Pan Am jumbo jet with 259 people on board.
A small airplane narrowly missed colliding with a speeding jumbo jet at Los Angeles International Airport this week after a series of blunders took it dangerously close to an active runway.
A man's body was found in the wheel well of a British Airways jumbo jet at Los Angeles International Airport.
The Thomas Cook and Thompson Holidays customers were being treated to a flight in a jumbo jet - the first to visit Newcastle in a year.
Using Math To Be A Zoo Vet (083684209X), Using Math To Win A Grand Prix (0836842146), Using Math To Solve A Crime (0836842138), Using Math To Fly A Jumbo Jet (0836-84212X), Using Math To Conquer Extreme Sports (0836842103) and Using Math To Create A Movie Stunt (08368-42111) each provide 31 pages of colorful photos, facts, and math challenges pertaining to each sport or occupation.
Director Steve Boardman said:nbsp; 'As a Welsh-based company we are bringing a new jumbo jet service to Cardiff International to provide a time and cost-saving alternative for Welsh travellers.
It takes one jumbo jet to carry each consignment of 20 million ballot papers.
The Trent 900 is being designed to power the Airbus A380 jumbo jet.