jumbo jet

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a very large jet plane

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AT A GLANCE:Airbus has 149 orders for the double-decker plane, which has a 260ft wingspan and 50% more floor space than the Boeing 747 jumbo jet.
Airbus is more upbeat than Boeing about the prospects for jumbo jets but both now agree it has become a niche category.
A dramatic photograph showed the jumbo jet landing at Gatwick with the right-side wing landing gear not deployed.
Though it is difficult to pilot a Jumbo Jet, players who are interested in this task can follow the below steps to land themselves a Jumbo Jet ((http://motoringcrunch.
CSDS says Qantas did not do its homework on the buyers of its jumbo jets.
1 2 3 Jumbo Stay: Stockholm - This cool Scandinavian hotel is an actual jumbo jet and rooms vary from doubles to a quad dormitory.
Summary: Plane manufacturer Boeing has unveiled its latest "environmentally friendly" passenger 747 jumbo jet.
Summary: A jumbo jet belonging to US courier United Parcel Services crashed on Friday evening near Dubai airport, killing both crew members, civil aviation officials said.
AN ex-pilot saved his home - by buying an old jumbo jet and selling on the parts for a pounds 150,000 profit.
A QANTAS captain stunned his 248 passengers yesterday by announcing their jumbo jet was "flying blind" after its radar system failed.
Eventually, a military-use jumbo jet would likely follow.
The girls are asking their fans to help them choose a name for the Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet which will be flying them around the globe.
A small airplane narrowly missed colliding with a speeding jumbo jet at Los Angeles International Airport this week after a series of blunders took it dangerously close to an active runway.
A man's body was found in the wheel well of a British Airways jumbo jet at Los Angeles International Airport.