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in utter disorder

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At the mention of Monte Cristo Dantes started with joy; he rose to conceal his emotion, and took a turn around the smoky tavern, where all the languages of the known world were jumbled in a lingua franca.
Such were the strangely jumbled anticipations that haunted me during our passage from the cruising ground.
The events for the day includedTable Tennis (Jumbled Doubles under 18 years & Jumbled Doubles for Seniors), Cricket ( for Families), Bowling ( Children under-12, 13 and 16, Adults & Gents ), Squash ( Junior Singles & Senior Doubles ), Badminton ( Family Doubles & Jumbled Doubles ) and Tug of War ( Team event ), Lemon & Spoon Race for kids, Balloon race for kids, Running race for kids, Basket Ball shots, Family Tie Breaker ( Penalty Shots ), Arm Wrestling ( 18 to 30 and above 30 to 45).
Overcrowding, jumbled desk layouts, and heavy, inflexible furniture can dampen the experience, so ensure intuitive layouts and open traffic patterns to maximize the technology's usefulness.
His team played jumbled "ungrammatical" remixes of finch songs to the birds and measured the response calls, to show a sense of syntax in the animals.
I have this recurring dream where I'm trying to write an inscription on a gravestone but I keep getting the letters jumbled up.
Lisa said: "She looks like a normal healthy girl, but underneath everything is jumbled up and she gets tired very quickly.
The pups make these jumbled noises without the usual contexts, and that's babbling, contends Oliver Behr of the University of Erlangen-Nuernberg in Germany.
Reading the article helped me understand the jumbled information I was getting from everyone around me.
Intentionally mysterious and difficult to make sense of, with its reflecting and distorting bits of fairy tales, disappearing and reappearing dolls and children, whistles and bells, the novel appears to be mirroring the jumbled mind and emotions of Grace, a little girl who is left alone to make sense of how to go on living after her beloved older sister dies.
That's a shame, because Coffee is not a terrible book, just a jumbled and blandly written one.
Mood swings come fast and furious, yet such abrupt transitions succeed because they mirror the jumbled feelings of adolescence.
And several of these old layers contain jumbled sediment full of boulders, shards of pottery, and even animal bones.
In scale and ambience this grand boulevard is more European than the dense, jumbled Japanese streetscape.
Lots of jumbled letters and aerosol-paint oriented styles.