julienne vegetable

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a vegetable cut into thin strips (usually used as a garnish)


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50) was the other diner's starters choice ( a thin pancake flavoured with herbs, red chilli and lemon grass and filled with a hot coconut and aubergine curry which was served with a salad of julienne vegetables and bean sprouts marinated in a honey and soy dressing.
The main courses came with a little plate of julienne vegetables,and new potatoes for us to share; again they were beautifully cooked.
Top with julienne vegetables, sprig of herbs and a splash of white wine.
Bistro Fillet of Cod is a natural whole cod fillet in a rich brown butter sauce and julienne vegetables.
Personal Trainer: Cooking even includes videos of various cooking techniques, such as how to properly julienne vegetables.
The salt and pepper squid with basil dressed fragrant vegetables produced a translucent tangle of delicately fried squid and julienne vegetables with just a hint of basil.
Sadly, it had no noodles to rest on, only Julienne vegetables in a watery soy and five-spice sauce.