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a cabinet containing an automatic record player

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Part of the jukebox program is that we are looking at how Minimalism affected popular music," notes Chad Smith, vice president for artistic planning at the Phil.
The jukebox market sold less than 10,000 units last year," said Doering (citing IDG analyst Wolfgang Schlichting).
Rising Edge developed their complete family of Jukebox Servers to ease the integration of archive quality storage into a complete storage product offering.
The new PoINT Jukebox Manager offers a number of key features that allow for more effective management of the jukebox storage system:
In addition to increased revenues and accelerated deployment time, the Ecast digital jukebox owners/operators have gained significant flexibility in being able to move jukebox locations as needed; consolidate broadband vendor agreements by standardizing on Verizon Wireless' nationwide EV-DO network; and benefit from the remote monitoring and management capabilities enabled by the intelligent wireless modems and associated tools and utilities from AirLink.
Disk capacities are only expected to grow and make these mid and low range products more competitive with the jukebox products, while avoiding all of the performance issues associated with the optical media read r ate and the robotics.
Mario Mariani, senior vice president, Media and VAS, Tiscali, comments: "With this new service, Tiscali Free JukeBox, we have renewed our efforts to provide European Internet users with access to an innovative, legal online music service.
Installing DVD-ROM readers in a jukebox adds relatively little to the cost.
With D2Audio's reputation for premium digital audio, we knew their Intelligent Digital Amplifiers were the perfect fit for our Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox," said Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO, Gibson Guitar Corp.
The SimpleWare Home embedded application will allow users of the Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox to easily access the vast storage of digital music--up to 1000 CD's.
RingTone Jukebox maintains a catalogue of over 20,000 hand-selected polyphonic ringtones, voice ringtones and sound effects, which previously were only available for download through its website and WAP sites.
We are extremely proud to introduce music fans to the new Musicmatch Jukebox, as it showcases popular and innovative features that will provide them with maximum flexibility for enjoying music on their terms," said Dave Goldberg, vice president and general manager, Music, Yahoo
Due to their unprecedented musical selection, Ecast-powered jukeboxes outperform standard CD jukeboxes by as much as 14 to one, based on the national jukebox average as reported by PlayMeter Magazine, which publishes an annual report on national coin-op usage sales.
a leader in personalized music software and services, today announced Musicmatch Jukebox music software and services will now ship with future Intel desktop motherboards.
Jukebox operators and venue owners are also empowered by the usage data, since it enables them to ensure their Ecast-powered digital jukebox features music popular in their venue.