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a cabinet containing an automatic record player

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He added, "We have basically implemented our entire cluster to go on the jukebox. We have implemented many of our servers to write the data set on their own local devices, or sometimes on a remote device or other servers, devices.
The Archos Jukebox Recorder 20 supports USB 2 data transfer at up to 480Mbps, and USB 1.1 at 12Mbps.
The new Neo Car Jukebox speech application is currently available to both end-users and to automotive OEMs who sell their own factory installed, private-label versions of the Neo Car Jukebox.
The Supa-Juke is a jukebox look alike, but they're essentially computers that download songs from a central control that enables payment of royalties to record companies and rights organisations for distribution to artists and musicians on a pay-for-play basis.
Jukebox 2 affords those who use this faux-sci-fi smorgasbord of geo-aesthetic soundscaping oceanic expanses of time and space, and it brings together a series of themes and motifs found throughout Dean's work: The console resembles the bridge of a (space) ship, and this maritime aspect is underscored by her selection of seaside sites.
In addition JukeBox 6000 can be used for storing both personal files, such as data and photos, and music selections.
An optical jukebox is less costly than a RAID array, and does not require additional backup devices to manage the data.
Rising Edge Technologies offers their Jukebox Server products to create a new standard for medical image storage.
The more popular of these are RealJukebox Plus and MusicMatch Jukebox.
Rising Edge Technologies, Herndon, Va., has introduced an alternative to traditional software support of optical jukeboxes with their new family of Jukebox Server products.
Escient's Digital Storage Group has unveiled a new dual-drive, 200-disc CD/DVD jukebox, providing more than one terabyte of digital storage space.
Real Networks Inc has unveiled a Radio Toolkit, Rolling Stone Radio and the beta of a pay-per-listen jukebox in a raft of announcements timed to coincide with the WebNoize conference in Los Angeles this week.
They "move" like the records in a jukebox; they offer subtle philosophical music.
Miller High life and the Amusement & Music Operators Association (AMOA jukebox operators) have joined forces to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the jukebox, Nov.
Summary: Utah [United States], January 2 (ANI): Designer Chris Patty decided to make this Christmas little more special for his dad with a homemade jukebox. Now the highlight of this jukebox is that it plays songs with swipe-able physical song cards.