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a small roadside establishment in the southeastern United States where you can eat and drink and dance to music provided by a jukebox

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Across from the church was a popular juke joint called the Blue Goose, where a young Joshua would sneak over to listen to the tunes of Howlin' Wolf and John Lee Hooker.
com/Southern ComfortUK for details of the next Juke Joint.
3 at Earl's Juke Joint in Junction City, and another at Goodfella's in Springfield to promote their newest sponsor, BeerHoodie.
That's because they were all Southerners, black and white, who were formed by a common experience of juke joint blues, Holy Roller church music, and the Saturday night Grand Ole Opry.
A reformed juke joint blues-shouter, he's kind of gone Christian.
The set continues with a litany of southern blues idioms: playing in dirt-floored juke joints ("Goin' Down to the Juke Joint"), adultery ("Who Told You That I've Been Foolin' Around?
Stinyard, who brought Saul's Juke Joint (2011, 2014), a high-intensity, theatrical dance musical to the stage, continues to make his mark in theatre and independent films.
A homemade juke joint with taste and elegance to spare.
Metal band Lyckwyd has release shows tonight and Saturday, at Earl's Juke Joint and Goodfella's, respectively.
Taking its title from the foot-stomping Blind Lemon Jefferson song, Pulp Fiction star Jackson is on fire as the redeemer, plucking up a storm at Bojo's Juke Joint with his musical tales of heartbreak.
He even played a juke joint called the Johnnie Simpson Bar here in Sarasota for a few months in 1952.
U2 didn't rock Red Rocks before the Unforgettable Fire and conquer the world with Zoo TV without seemingly playing every juke joint and honky tonk bar in the Deep South.
I had this idea to open a Delta-style juke joint where I could invite people to play,'' said Kulak, a Chicago native.
We also, somehow, convinced ourselves, that Walter Trout was a BB King or John Lee Hooker-type figure, carrying his pain-wracked body from gin joint to juke joint, and a back catalogue long ago plundered by the Rolling Stones.