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a small roadside establishment in the southeastern United States where you can eat and drink and dance to music provided by a jukebox

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FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance teams will be available at the Juke Joint Festival to provide information on FEMA programs.
When Shug shows up at the juke joint owned by Sofia's husband, Harpo (that great big wonderful lug Kyle Scatliffe), every man in town turns out, prepared to die happy.
They had far more in common with the traveling bluesmen, who played at the county juke joints, than with any buck-dancing, loud talking preacher.
Williams's generally quiet domestic interiors alternate with rowdier pool halls, juke joints, and nightclubs.
Across from the church was a popular juke joint called the Blue Goose, where a young Joshua would sneak over to listen to the tunes of Howlin' Wolf and John Lee Hooker.
You could hear the blues played at inner city clubs, some very nice, some leaning more toward the juke joint.
We have four tickets for one lucky reader and three friends to go to the Southern Comfort Juke Joint party at SWG3 Glasgow on February 2.
Ruby's Juke Joint Americana Cookbook" is a collection of her best recipes offering palate pleasing, appetite satisfying dishes ranging from Spiced Sangria; Cheeseburger Soup; Old Country Soda Bread; and Maple Ginger Beets; to Baby Back Ribs with Apricot BBQ Sauce; Blackberry Corn Cupcakes with Peach Frosting; Cheese Baked Fish; and Island Chicken.
And, when everything clicked, he turned the place into as close as this vast aircraft hangar of a place can get to being an intimate little juke joint.
It can get a bit claustrophobic to have the entire show take place in a hopping juke joint.
There's a great story--I think it was Son House, another one of these giants of the early Delta blues who was at a juke joint Saturday night and nobody left.
3 at Earl's Juke Joint in Junction City, and another at Goodfella's in Springfield to promote their newest sponsor, BeerHoodie.
The bluesy "Dust My Broom" takes you to a juke joint and provides a showcase for Marvin Sewell's provocative guitar.
Glover plays Tyrone "Pinetop" Purvis, the proprietor of an Alabama juke joint called the Honeydripper.
That's because they were all Southerners, black and white, who were formed by a common experience of juke joint blues, Holy Roller church music, and the Saturday night Grand Ole Opry.