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Synonyms for juju

a small object worn or kept for its supposed magical power

Synonyms for juju

the power associated with a juju

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a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers

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This fear is partly due to the hate that the missionaries developed towards Juju, and partly because of a misconceived view of Jujuism as an evil religion (110).
It is for this reason that Jujuism must be treated with care.
Firstly, the priestly office of Fetishism is hereditary, while that of Jujuism is not necessarily hereditary.
To these people Animism, Jujuism and Fetishism are only concerned with the powers of the different gods in Africa.
It is sometimes difficult for European Christians to understand how an African can reconcile Christianity with either Animism, Jujuism or Fetishism.
Generally speaking, the Guinea Negroes are more attached to Jujuism and Fetishism, while the Bantus and the Bushmen are more inclined to Animism and a few Juju ideas .