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chewy fruit-flavored jellied candy (sometimes medicated to soothe a sore throat)

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Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists at the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport found 13 live larvae in a package of jujubes.
said China has a culture of present dried Jujube (Bair) before the guests adding that Pakistan has a huge potential to fill the demand-supply gap by exporting this exotic fruit to China.
The Hi Desert Jujube Cooperative's main crop is jujubes, sometimes called "Chinese dates" in America, which are used both as a food and a medicine.
Shin Tai Shang Eight Treasures Tikoy has red dates, black dates, longan jujube, goji berries, cranberry, walnut, raisins and gingko nuts.
However, the occurrence of Jujube leaf roller Ancylis sativa (Liu) is a major threat to reduce the production of fruits, ultimately causing tremendous economic loss to the growers.
A 12-member delegation is currently visiting Bahrain to promote the produce of the Pingtung county, which include pineapple, jujube and guavas, and held a demonstration at Al Jazira Supermarket in Mahooz.
also indicated that the polysaccharide solubility of the ultrafine powder from jujube was higher than that of traditional grinding powder [19].
These include onions, garlic, celery, cucumber, broccoli, sprouts, green beans, sour jujube seed, and other vegetables.
Due to jujube and olive components, Proteolea from Rahn promotes mechanisms to counteract AGE-damage in skin, according to the company.
What do you think whether Jujube have any effect on Cancer incidence?
The name Annaba is derived from the jujube trees that spread widely in the city prior to the French colonization, he also said.
Na In Hee, the consul general's wife, introduced the ladies to traditional Korean teas, such as, red ginseng, green tea, omija, jujube, citron, ginger and Sujeongwa, in addition to deep-fried snacks and homemade chips, fruit punches of cinnamon, O-Mi-Ja and citron served with pine nuts, persimmon, apricot, Korean apples, pears and dates.
Effect of nanopacking on preservation quality of Chinese jujube (Ziziphus jujube Mill.
The sanctuary is characterized by many significant wild plants, which are useful to humans, animals and nature, like Umbrella Thorn Acacia, Jujube, and Moringa Paregrina, which is the source of food for honeybees, and grass-eating animals in the sanctuary.
A colorful cloth is spread on a table on which are placed candles, a mirror, decorated eggs, a goldfish in a bowl, platters of nuts and sweets, and seven "S" items, usually sabzeh (green sprouts), seeb (apples), seer (garlic), sonbol (a hyacinth), somagh (sumac), senjed (fruit of the jujube tree), and samanoo (a wheat pudding).