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Synonyms for juju

a small object worn or kept for its supposed magical power

Synonyms for juju

the power associated with a juju

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a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers

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Wasiu, popularly known as KWAM 1, however, believes that for such cultural renaissance which the brand had just embarked upon to be effective, artistes from the Yoruba ethnic stock, desirous of eking out a living from playing either fuji, juju or other genre of Yoruba music, must be well-groomed in Yoruba language.
Storage Made Easy's participation in the Charm Partner Program and the release of our own Juju charm aligns with our mandate to make storage easier to use and secure whether on-premises, or in private or public clouds.
The Sea Jet can be used for short travel, like from Manama to Muharraq, travel to Al Dar or even Hawar Islands," said Mr Juju.
Juju is a model driven operations system that enables you to quickly model, configure, deploy and manage applications in the cloud with only a few commands and use it to deploy hundreds of preconfigured services such as OpenStack, or own code to any public or private cloud.
The result is a full-stack solution for deploying Ixias IxLoad VE in an NFV environment using Juju, enabling service providers to quickly, easily, and cost effectively deploy new, tested, and validated services to subscribers.
En la contraportada de Ante la mirada de Juju se mencionan dos influencias determinantes: Selma Lagerlof con El maravilloso viaje de Nils Holgersson, y a Antoine de Saint-Exupery con El principito.
He said: "I know players who get involved with the Juju men and they can't get out.
She said she never ran away because she had been told "the juju would kill me".
According to Kyodo News, Juju required its Filipino employees to sign a statement written in English and Japanese that reads: "In case of loss of life of the undersigned through natural circumstances while in Japan, I release, waive and forever discharge Juju Corp.
04 LTS, Ubuntu OpenStack and Juju service orchestration tools, on all POWER8 systems; and
Maharashtra, April 15 -- Jeannie & Juju is a romantic comedy which shows Vicky and his genie, Jeanniein a relationship and their tryst with life.
This is the age of scientific and medical reason, where no one in this or other developed countries should believe in juju or spoof treatments.
Audrey McQueen: Hey JuJu, thanks for doing this with me this month.
Beyond Colour: Chinese Contemporary Art--Andre Kneib, Juju Sun, Lan Zhenghui, Juju Sun, Li Lei, and Qiu Deshu
While the BBSI was introduced in recognition of the long seafaring tradition and shared values of this great nation, its success has been extraordinary," Wael Juju, the CEO of Knotika Boat Shows, the organising company behind the BBSI, said.