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Synonyms for juicy

Synonyms for juicy

full of juice


having strong sexual appeal



suggestive of sexual impropriety

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You don't need a man to get to where you want to go in life, that's the way I think," Juicy confesses to the camera.
As a trend setter, Juicy Couture has a distinct identity and we are delighted to exclusively add Juicy Couture Watches to our branded portfolio.
MAF said that it has renewed its contract with Authentic Brands Group, the owner of Juicy Couture.
Plain bottled water accounted for 85% of total consumption, flavored and functional waters 13% and juicy waters 2%.
Large number of stalls of juicy watermelons could be seen in Khanna Pul, Sadiqabad, Satellite town, Commercial market, Tench Bhata, Dhok Paracha, Dhok Khabba, Committee chowk, I-9, I-10, G-9, G-10, G-7,G-8 and other areas.
Fifth & Pacific Companies Inc (NYSE:FNP) on Wednesday announced the signing of an agreement with the landlord at 650 Fifth Avenue, a joint venture between Jeff Sutton's Wharton Properties and SL Green Realty, to terminate the lease for its flagship Juicy Couture store in New York City in exchange for a USD51m payment.
Cranberry Brownie Tray Bake: This rich chocolate brownie is made with ripe and juicy cranberries.
US brand development firm Authentic Brands Group LLC is likely to submit a bid for Juicy Couture, which is popular for its velour tracksuits, an insider said.
It was before Juicy J and his partner in the group, DJ Paul, let Three 6 Mafia die a slow and still-irresolute death.
Wagyu cattle don't move around much, are grain fed for 500 days and are massaged on a daily basis with special Japanese techniques - to make the meat tender and juicy.
Elizabeth Arden has selected Isilumko Media for the endorsement of Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy- two international fragrances, whicha are launching in South Africa.
Lifetime's new reality show, called 'The Houstons, On Our Own,' has a premiere date, and get ready to see some juicy Houston footage.
To prove his theory, try his delicious recipe for Juicy Chilli Turkey with Mustard and Ketchup Glaze.
New stores in JFK Terminal 1 include Michael Kors, Juicy Couture, Tumi and Victoria's Secret, which are all now open for business and will be operated by the Hudson Group.
They launched their night Juicy in Manchester two years ago and, inspired by Notorious BIG's motto "All party, no bull t", it was classic party jams all the way but the pair could not have foretold just how successful it would become.