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a juicy appetizingness

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A hedonic test was carried out using a non-structured 5 point-scale (Table 2) in which the assessors evaluated different attributes: tenderness, juiciness and acceptability.
05) were obtained for the attributes meat color, brightness, lard flavor, sweet taste, metallic taste, unctuousness, juiciness and persistence of flavor between rearing systems.
The marbling characteristics offer increased eating quality through a naturally enhanced flavour, tenderness and juiciness.
The cows are fed a nutritionally balanced diet, resulting in a more consistent product and enhanced marbling that contributes to improved tenderness, juiciness and flavour.
Key political figures, representatives of the food and beverages industry, fruit importers, diplomats and media representatives had a first-hand experience of the taste, juiciness and aroma of Pakistani mangoes.
Consumer's eating satisfaction, which is primarily associated with tenderness, juiciness and flavor, subsequently influence the intention to repurchase (Maltin et al.
Its Triple Threat Sandwich just brims with juiciness with generous slices of roast beef and yes, more meat
Before the beer is filtered, grapefruit juice is added for a sweet juiciness and to round out the bitterness from the peel.
Santos-Silva and Vaz Portugal (2001) researched the tenderness, juiciness and flavour characteristics in Longissimus thoracis muscles of the Serra da Estrela and Merino Branco lambs.
Also to be featured at the Willow Glen location: USD A choice quality beef, prime and grass-fed beef, which Safeway describes as "perfectly aged, guaranteed tender and has more marbling for juiciness and flavor.
Drivers of liking for appearance of the product included color intensity, external evenness, ripeness, juiciness and overall aroma.
In fact, the cooking process allows a lot of room for error and can even be prepared days in advance without losing any of the lamb's juiciness, which makes it a great option for Rosh Hashanah because the warm spices of cinnamon and ginger, paired with sweet yams, are sure to invite a prosperous new year.
The skin is quite thick, but that means they keep the juiciness inside.
Every time I felt the juiciness of life fade after an amazing moment," writes Nick Seneca Jankel, "it has sparked me onward to find a way to recapture that switched-on feeling -- where everything is possible and everyone is my ally -- 24/7 without using anything other than my own heart and mind.
The attributes meat flavor, salt and fat are similar to the control treatment, while the spices' flavor attribute is close to the treatments with 25 and 50% sodium reduction (F25 and F50); texture tenderness, appearance color and brightness are close to the F50 treatment, while aroma spices, aroma meat and texture juiciness are found in the same quadrant as treatment F25, inversely related to the attributes of flavor meat and saltiness (Figure 1).