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Synonyms for juicy

Synonyms for juicy

full of juice


having strong sexual appeal



suggestive of sexual impropriety

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The boneless chicken was cooked perfectly, juicily moist, with the herb seasoning adding flavour.
Doing an elegant upholstery job on one of the key Korean films of the '60s, writer-director Im Sang-soo demonstrates an eye for luscious surfaces but fairly ludicrous dramatic instincts in "The Housemaid." Not just a remake but a wholesale rethink of Kim Ki-young's deranged black-and-white classic, this high-end softcore thriller is juicily watchable from start to over-the-top finish, but its gleeful skewering of the upper classes comes off as curiously passe, a luxe exercise in one-note nastiness.
I love the long, elegant emerald green leaves with a delightful mild garlicky flavour, perfect for soups and sauces, and also magnificent wilted in a little butter either with some spinach or on its own, and tucked alongside some grilled fish, or perhaps even a nice juicily rare rib-eye steak.
1 Lorena Ochoa (still chasing her first Major) to Annika Sorenstam, the 2003 champion from Royal Lytham and priced so juicily at 12-1 she is impossible to resist despite not having won this year because of health problems, and Michelle Wie, once the wonder girl but now contemptuously dismissed at 80-1 after bad management, injury and some misguided attempts to play when not ready to do so.
Ch--teau Angelus 2008 is a great example of this - a gorgeous wine that is also far less juicily acidic than some.
Fittings Multimedia Arts, Sounds of Progress and the Tron Theatre present Raspberry, billed a "juicily gothic piece of music theatre" that muses on the idea of perfection using the music of the great maverick.
What the raconteur does reveal, however; is plentiful, juicily personal and honest and fresh to boot.
Seizing on Pinter's rhythms, the performances are masterclasses in understated overacting, Law juicily relishing a sexual metaphor about 'tea...and cake'.
Like Barbera it is also deep coloured but juicily fruity.
That sounds juicily inflammatory, but it isn't Cancelmi's intention.
The sweet red and orange peppers, artichoke hearts, courgettes, tomatoes, pine nuts, salad leaves and shallots were served chilled and juicily soft, bathed in an olive oil and balsamic oil dressing.
Robust, juicily fruity red with the smell and taste of damsons with a dash of spice.
Mikhalkov hams it up juicily, his Sergei Mikhailovich a giddy mixture of bonhomie and bloodthirstiness.
Elgar himself would have thrilled to the sound made by the young members of the Birmingham Schools' Symphony Orchestra as they dug juicily into his Introduction and Allegro for String Orchestra on Saturday.
Jean Philippe points out that his grapes have higher acidity than those grown in conventionally-managed vineyards but, even unsweetened, this fabulous fizz tasted juicily fruity rather than sharp.